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I was intoxicated and had a accident. I told the police that my passenger grabbed the wheel causing the accident.
My passenger was also intoxicated. I panicked because I had a hit and run the week before. Now they are charging him with DUI with injury. If I tell the truth what will happen to me?
You need to not say anything more on these forums, they are not private. A DUI with injury is a felony. You need to...
Can 2nd DUI charges be challenged if occurred on private property?
My husband recently received his 2nd DUI and reckless driving when he was backing into our driveway. I was injured that evening as a result. He blew a .94.
I'm guessing he was driving on public roads in order to get to your driveway right? If he made any admissions about...
I was arrested for DUI/failure to maintain lane. What are my next steps?
After work on one day in Feb., I had two drinks at a restaurant. When I was headed home, my back tire blew out. I couldn't control my car. According to witnesses, the tire started smoking and blew right of underneath the car. We were on a bridge. I flipped the car. A witness helped me out. The police came. I had the sobriety/breathalyzer test. He arrested me but didn't send me to jail. Told me to say that I had an injury in order to avoid jail time. I did. They took my blood at the hospital. He took my license and told me court was on May 11 for DUI and Failure to Maintain Lane. However, when all my papers were given to me at discharge, the tickets weren't there. It is now April, I have my license- my court date is not in the system at the courthouse. What's my next move?
No citations and you still have your license? Do you know if there is an incident report? Unfortunately ignoring what...
Is there a DUI plea bargain(lessor conviction) the Army will not pursue discharge? (i.e. less than Wet Reckless)
A soldier has 14 Years in service, E-6. With only 5 years left of his military career, he is arrested for DUI (State of Georgia). Attorneys are seeking a lessor conviction that will allow him to complete his career and avoid discharge, assuming a reduction to Wet/Reckless will still be considered a DUI conviction. Is there any other plea bargain the Army will not pursue discharge? This is 1st offense.
It seems you already have an attorney. Have you addressed this concern with them?
On 10 year probation for drugs, arrested for DUI, overdosed admitted to hospital, diagnosed bi polar & put on medication.
week after hospital admitted self to rehab, went to court appearence 3 days before New Years, still in richmond county jail with probation hold from green county ,Ga. rehab almost 3 months when arrested. Mother also bi polar. She has 5 year severely autistic son, separated from husband. I no longer have the money to hire attorney, her court appointed attorney has done nothing. Any chance getting her out of jail {she's been in there over a month} and being allowed to finnish probation? Her Mother
Sorry to hear about all this. What a mess. I am not licensed to practice law in Georgia. However, regardless, it is...
I am in drug court and tested positive for alcohol and have not consumed any alcohol
The etg test can detect any type alcohol. The only thing I had done was use hair dye which contains alcohol. What is your advise on this matter. I need help
Talk to your attorney. Usually the testing mechanisms don't permit false positives for hair dye and the like. You...
I am in drug court and recently tested positive for alcohol. They use Etg testing.
The dye does contain alcohol. What can I do? This positive will set me back a year
The first question is whether you consumed alcohol in violation of the terms of participation in the drug court. If...