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How do I fight my DUI?
I was driving to the store last week & I blacked out and hit a parked car while I was driving. I am prone to seizure but I am being accused of a dui. I will accept the hit & run but I was not drunk. I pled not guilty in the arraignment & they still put me on "SCRAM" program. Who do I talk to?
You can find an experienced criminal defense attorney on this website. Search for criminal defense attorney and read...
WIll a DUI In Pittsburgh carry over to Seattle?
I have a friend that has several DUIs in Pitsburh that prevents him from having a drivers license. He's off of probation already and can leave pittsburgh to come to seattle. Will he be able to get a drivers license in seattle or will his DUI follow him here and prevent him from getting a license?
Each State has it's own licensing department and has it's own laws and rules. The various State's DMV/DOLs will...
Is a dui impound non-appealable ?
I was arrested for a "physical control" dui and my vehicle was impounded. Because I was sitting in my car IN MY OWN driveway, the case was dissmissed at arraignment. I still had to pay impound fee to get car back and plan to appeal, but see because it is a mandatory impound when charged with dui, is it a waste of my time and filing fee?
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Does a police officer have to tell you at the scene if you are receiving a DUI?
I was on my way home last night and was pulled over for speeding. The officer asked if I'd be willing to perform a couple of sobriety tests and because I didn't do well standing on one foot I'm guessing (I have weak ankles) he asked if I'd do a breathalyzer. I blew a .04 then he told me I could get back in my car. After that he came up to the window and said he was just giving me a warning for speeding and said I needed to slow down and left. I am concerned on if he can give me a DUI without telling me? I know my BAC was quite a bit below the legal limit but know that that does not necessarily rule out a DUI.
The breath test given at the side of the road can only be used for probable cause to arrest. The results are not...
I just received my 2nd dui in 3 years. I am instructed to get the blow and go device installed and I am getting it done on Frid?
I am planning on paying my traffic citation for wrong lane violation and paying the fee
I really dont' understand your question, please repost.
International travel after DUI was dropped to Reckless?
I was convicted of Reckless driving from a DUI arrest 5 years ago. Are there any countries other than Canada that I can no longer visit? Do I need to disclose the arrest on the customs form when entering a country via air?
More information is needed in order to provide a meaningful response. Beyond that, your question needs to be crafted...
I had a dui ten years ago and plead guillty is there a way to over turn conviction?
The nac monitors were signed off on and not calibrated in 2007 in Washington state, which was the year I got charged with dui. I was in a parked vehicle at a bowling alley waiting for my coworker to lock the bowling alley up . which was private property and was not driving just sitting and waiting. The vehicle was running at the time and I blew .14 then 20 minutes later .04 after I had taken my false teeth out. I would like to have the original charge reversed due to the circumstance at the time. Can this be achieved?
The time to make all those claims (defenses) was in 2007 at trial. Time for appeal is years past. A pardon is...