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I was told at the Department of Transportation that if i would have plead guilty to a DUI my license could be reinstated that same day i plead guilty but since i plead to Careless Driving i have to wait the full 90 day revocation period before my license would be reinstated. Is this true? Careless driving seems to be somewhat of a lessor offence than a DUI, and in my opinion seems backwards that people with a DUI on their record can get their license back before a person with Careless Driving on their record.
The criminal case has no impact on the license revocation. If you wish to challenge the revocation, it is a separate...
I got,pulled over two times without a license and i was suspended from driving without knowing it the third time i got pulled over with out a license my first offense After being suspended from,driving now have a court date dont know what to expect..
You should retain counsel. A conviction of driving without a license extends the revocation period. Often, it is...
I have lived in mn over three years and kept driving on wisconsin license. When I got dwi I had wisconsin license. Was charged with dwi 4th degree and dwi. What is the worst that will happen and what probably will happen. Everyone I talk to says no jail because its been over 10 years since my last one.
The level of your offense and the mandatory minimum jail penalties in Minnesota are tied to a 10-year lookback period,...
He is on probation and have a DWI, he missed a court date on Thursday. I checked the computer and it said sentence to straight time what does that mean.
It's not terribly meaningful. With a name and court file a good lawyer should be able to tell you the answer. "...
I dare not get into too many details. Let's just say the officer was way wrong in how he handled it. Should be grounds for dismissal.
You will have to call and talk with an attorney about this issue as it is very fact specific. There are many attorneys...
What are my chances? I went to class , I pay and do all the things that they tell me to do. I was realease from provation calls like 3 months early... I want to apply now.. What I may need?
Your question is not clear. Apply for what?
On H.A. for a DWI and I don't do drugs or anything but am just curious as to what type of Urine test is given once I am officially off House Arrest? I don't have to take any tests after since my probation isn't followed by a probation officer.
It's impossible to say without knowing the exact terms of your sentence. The lawyer that represented you for the DWI...