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My ex got pulled over with my two children for a DUI. He is facing a felony charge of child endangerment. Can this be reduced?
He was driving recklessly and was followed almost 5 miles by a firetruck. He almost flipped the car, swerved into multiple lanes, and almost ran a red light. He finally pulled over for a deputy. He is facing a felony charge of willful cruelty to a child that can result in serious injury or death along with driving with a revoked license and a dui of over .08 alcohol level. Can this be dropped to a misdemeanor?
Wow, that is a bad set of facts. "Child Endangerment" is a reducible felony, but given the facts presented here, the...
DUI question
I have 2 dui on my juvenile record but got one as an adult now ive been told by 2 lawyers already they cant use the ones i got when i was a juvenile against so this would only be my first to the courts as an adult and 3rd to dmv. Are they correct?
They are correct. The legal standard for DUI for a juvenile is less than for an adult. Moreover, are both juvenile...
Are there any known Attorneys in the area that would be able to take a dui/vehicle malfunction case on a lien or pro bono?
no BAC level in police reports. have multiple witnesses that he was not drunk. suspicions of police report being invalid. had a 2011 Kia Soul, owned for 3 months-purchased from High Valley Kia, Hit head on with a Semi-truck and no air bags released. all injuries on driver and passenger were airbag preventable. no signs of semi-driver avoiding contact. believe with good reason that the diesel driver was doing above the speed limit. all drivers belongings (wallet, social security card, identification card, cash) were never recovered.
Your post is unclear as to what exactly the situation is. I strongly suggest that you [actually the persons about whom...
Rear ended by drunk driver - what do i do
I was driving my girlfriends car. While sitting at stoplight, we were rear ended by drunk. 4 witnesses made statements to police. Drunk guy has full insurance, but he is in jail. Now I find out my girlfriends insurance expired last month. We went to emergency room to be checked out. No major injuries for me, but still sore. What should I do. What are my options? Will I still get medical bills, pain/suffering and missed wages covered? Who do I contact?
I would consult with an attorney in your community. You should not be responsible for the accident given that you were...
The D.M.V set aside suspension,how come I still have to appear in court?
I was arrested on 8/26/12 for D.U.I.My license was confiscated and I was given a temp good for 30 days.My court date was to be on 10/24/12.On 10/08/12 I received a letter from the D.M.V stating that they had set aside the motion and I could get another license.A week later they mailed me one.When I contacted the court I was not on the docket to appear on the 24th so I assumed the case had been dropped.Today I got a letter from the D.O.A office telling me I must appear on 12/17/12 for a complaint against me filed on 11/05/12.I'm confused how could the complaint be filed on 11/05/12 when I was arrested on 8/26/12? Also if the D.M.V didn't find cause to suspend my license then how can I still be charged with D.U.I?
The actions taken by the DMV are entirely independent of what the DA decides to do. Unfortunately, in situations where...
What will happen if you get cought with an open container while sitting passenger, and convicted of two dui in california.
I was just wondering if I will be arrested, or if I will simply be cited
If you were a passenger, you would have been cited for having an open container in a vehicle. If you were not arrested...
Conseqences for being a passenger in someones car with an open alcoholic beverage, and two dui convictions in california
Have had two dui convictions in the past 8 years and wanted to know what would happen if i were to get cought with an open container.
It depends. Are you still on probation for any of the DUI convictions, or any other conviction for that matter?