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Hello, I recently received a Under the age of 21 and driving while having a breath alcohol level of 0.02 or higher. My level was a .170, wondering what my options are and if there is anything that could be done. This is a first suspension. The notice states that I am Eligible for a permit. Orange County, UCF Police.
You have ten days to sign up for DUI school and take advantage of the admin hearing waiver. Call some local attorneys...
A fire truck pulled in behind me and turned on its red lights so i pulled off the road thinking they needed to get by me . then they pulled in behind me and a couple fire fighters pulled my door open and told me to get out. i asked why, they said i was DUI. I asked if they had a legal right to detain me and that i wanted to leave, as i got back in my truck a sheriff pulled up. i passed the road side test but refused to blow so i was arrested. My question is do they have a legal right to pull me over and detain me against my will
I recently received a DWI ticket while im on probation. My father was the one who always paid my insurance bill so I had no idea that my insurance had not been paid for about 2 month, Ive been trying so hard to get insurance but just to reinstate it is 400 dollar plus the first month fees. Because I am a convict it is hard to find a job although ive been trying. I am a student with good grades and my financial aid is my only source of income right now. Will I be sentenced to do the rest of my time behind bars because it is nearly impossible to come up with that much money to reinstate my insurance when im only a student.
It depends. Addition information is needed to answer your question. I'd recommend calling a local DUI attorney for help.
Will this count as a 2nd offense or first offense? I am on probation for my DUI and License suspended due to that and outstanding ticket. Do you know a likely outcome of a jail time sentence? 60 days? A year or is it possible to be credit for the time I will serve before I go to court (a week) and get fines and extended probation?
If you got a ticket for driving with a license suspended while on a DUI suspension- you really should contact an...
my pd said she got me DUI mininums no jail which I thoight was great, but the judge told me he has to immobilize the vehicle that i used for 10 days...the truck is in my moms name and she uses it to work at two part time jobs...is there any ways that the judge can waive it? its jude martinez
It may be possible to waive the impound if the vehicle is in your mother's name and she has no other cars to get to...
My permit was from out of state (Arkansas) where I received my DWI. I had not finished my alcohol classes yet in time before my permit expired (which allowed me to drive anytime with the interlock in my car). It was 10 days expired. I have never had any other charges on my record but I did hire an attorney although I was unaware I had to get my license reinstated for Florida when I moved back. What outcome is likely to happen? Thank you!
driving on a dui suspension is considered to be a very serious crime in most florida jurisdictions. sort of the 1st...
I have 50/50 custody and pay child support, does picking my son up for weekly visitation fall in the guidelines of "LIVELIHOOD" ?
This question would be more appropriately handled by attorneys handling traffic offenses, so I am redirecting it. My...