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In Armstrong County,Pennsylvania, can I purchase a firearm while participating in ARD program for DUI.
Will the background check return a denial?
A criminal background check will reveal no convictions so you will not admit on the applic a tion you were convicted of...
What kind of punishment am i looking at for dui prohbation violation 1st one
I caught a new dui charge in april 2015 in which i was still on prohbation for dui in 2011 since 2015 dui i have been 100% compliant with my prohbation officer i went to inpatient rehab completed with succesful discharge completed outpatient rehab attend a.a. and n.a. meetings regularly make fine payments ontime and been clean of drugs and alcohol since dui you think they may run violation concurent with new dui which is 6 months house arrest?
It's extremely difficult to answer this question without knowing more about the county where your probation is...
You are going to court for a second dui & received a 3rd dui, It's not showing on the public docket, will the judge know?
He never called his public defender, will she know before Sept. 3rd his court date. It is stated no more continuances on the second. And now he has a third, will he go straight to jail that day? And she ordered him to take a CRN Evaluation and he hasn't done that yet.
Usually the judge will not know, however, the prosecutors usually will and they will usually tip off the judge.
Can you get charged w/DUI if in an accident, but not arrested and unwillingly gave blood at hospital while unconscious?
So, I had a head on collision that I barely survived, was barely even drunk, report says, BAC was .09...but if I never was arrested and didn't do a field sobriety or breathalyzer, and they just took my blood unwillingly at the hospital and while I didn't even know, is that legal?
Yes. The Supreme Court has held that when there is an accident, the police can take a blood sample without a warrant....
Should I write a DUI leniency letter to my preliminary hearing judge before the hearing? Is is ok to do that?
I just heard its a good idea to write a letter to the judge before the hearing. that is may help me out. I know how I should write it, but I just don't know if I should write it to the preliminary hearing judge, or wait till after, if it goes to the main hearing at county court. But I've also heard that things can settle and be done with at the preliminary hearing.
Have you talked to your attorney about this?? Has anyone explained to you the purpose of the Preliminary Hearing?...
I have two dui convictions, one in 1990, one in 2000. the second was a misdemeanor 1. I can no longer get a concealed carry per
these are the only thing on my criminal record. How can I have my carry rights restored?
You most likely can't but call a local dui attorney and set up an appointment for a consultation.
If someone was arrested for a DUI last year and was not sentenced yet and got a 3rd DUI is it a mandatory jail sentence now?
repeat offender .
In most states, there's mandatory jail for any third offense DUI.