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How do I get my license back after a DUI conviction?
I was arrested for a DUI (over 0.15), and completed all of my conditions of probation. I was arrested while driving a friend's vehicle - I don't own one. I was court ordered to get an Ignition Interlock device installed in my vehicle. I have saved up enough money for a down payment (already approved financing), get the appropriate insurance coverage, get the Interlock device installed, and pay all fines to get my license reinstated. Here's the problem, and I no one seems to be able to help. I'm stuck in a perpetual loop of insanity, and it's aggravating as all get out. I cannot purchase a vehicle or insurance without a valid driver's license. However, I cannot get a valid driver's license until I show proof of the SR-22 insurance coverage and proof of the Interlock installation. I can't get one without the other, or the other without the one. I go to the dealership and they tell me I can't get a car without a valid driver's license. My insurance company won't even cover me if my license isn't valid. But I can't get my driver's license reinstated until I have those two. I'm out of ideas. Can an attorney help with this at all?
As crazy as it sounds, one way around this problem is to use a friend's vehicle to get your license and then once you...
Is it possible to get the interlock device waived if I can prove the vehicle is going to be shared, and my father has COPD?
Four years ago I was arrested for DUI. I refused to blow, but subsequently plead guilty to a DUI charge. It was my second one with more than 5 years between. But the judge still said I had to get an ignition interlock device installed for one year. That is the only thing holding me back from getting my driver's license back. I don't have a car at the moment, and just started working again, but my dad said I can use his vehicle to install the interlock. I will be sharing the vehicle with my dad. The problem is, my dad is 73 years old and has been diagnosed through the V.A. with COPD. There is no way he will be able to breath into a device, especially while driving. This could have tragic results.
I don't want to sound unsupportive but maybe you should have thought of this after the first DUI. It's a judge's call...
I am going to court on aug 12 in va for a dui. I live and have drivers license in fl.
I have attorney in va. Do I need one in fl? How will I get hardship license in fl or work out other requirements that va tells me to do. Confused upset and worried.
You should be fine with an attorney in Virginia, but if you live here, you should ask the Court up there to transfer...
Can I be arrested for a DUI after the fact.
I was in a car crash in Tampa Florida with a parked vehicle. I had fell asleep and drifted into the vehicle but nobody was injured except for myself. I was not arrested at the scene. I had not been drinking, but had cocaine and Xanax in my system. Blood was drawn. Can I be arrested?
Yes, you can be arrested after the fact. Once law enforcement completes its investigation, including the analysis of...
I have a Florida Drivers License and got an implied consent suspension in North Carolina can I get a hardship license in FL?
I have a Florida Drivers License and got an implied consent suspension in North Carolina can I get a hardship license in FL? Also, if convicted for first DUI/DWI, do I get suspension from conviction date or from Arrest date?
Implied consent suspensions (administrative suspensions) do not transfer from state to state. Florida does not report...
How long can a person be held in jail on a violation of probation for dui no bond?
My brother was arrested for the first time ever last year for a DUI (prescription pills) he did not complete his probation classes or pay the fees (because he is unemployed and has a big drug problem)..so a warrant was issued, he was arrested 5 days ago and when i call the jail they say he is in the clinic/infirmary....So my question is what happens next....he hasn't been to court yet, will they add charges because he was high when they picked him up? would they have drug tested him in the clinic in jail? will they send him to rehab/jail or release him? i put money on his phone account but he hasn't called and they will not tell me anything.
Repeat question repeat answer. Q: How long can a person be held in jail on a violation of probation for dui no...
Can I be reinstated at my job due to my employer not following state laws regarding drug testing?
I recently worked for a logistics company as a package handler and was encouraged to apply for a seasonal position that would last 6-8 weeks. Only AFTER I applied and interviewed was I informed that I needed to complete a drug scan (the job description did not state that there would have to be a drug scan) I do not drink or use illegal drugs, but an off the job upper back injury prompted me to try over the counter pain meds- which did not work, a medicated back patch- that also did not work. I was 1 month shy of receiving medical benefits so I could not afford to consult a doctor. Finally, at the urging of a friend, I spoke with a "holistic" person and tried a tea that worked and relieved me of my back pain. I knew the tea had some "properties" that weren't sanctioned by the AMA, but drank anyway because I had no idea that I would have to submit for a drug scan. Ultimately, I tested positive and was terminated because my employer has a zero tolerance policy. My employer does not drug test applicants for a package handler, but apparently, does for certain positions which I was not made aware of during orientation. What can I do?
This is not a DUI question; it is an employment law question. Regardless no one can tell you what a potential...