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NC driver, NY DWAI (.06 bac). Not pled yet. Will NC suspend lic if convicted? No equiv chg in NC. Squeaky clean otherwise.
Not sure if I should plead guilty & pay or go to trial under judge. DWAI In NY = driving while abilty impaired: traffic offense, not a crime (not misdemeanor). Had 2 glasses of wine over 5 hrs but took Rx pill for BP/heart earlier. BAC .06 Saw cop sitting there. Was stopped for Improper L turn over line (just left restaurant) but there is no line there, literally. Was going straight but passenger said go left. Stopped @ light, used signal. Got pulled over. -Passed majority of field tests (failed some on slanted sidewalk wearing 4" wedge shoes) -Have med records showing preexisting nystagmus & vertigo. Have spoken w attys in both states & no one knows what NC will do if convicted besides the insurance impact. There is only DWI in NC. Will it be processed by NC DMV as DWI & I end up with a year suspension in NC? NY conviction = 90 day susp & fine. Got conflicting answers from all attys called. Thanks.
It is very possible that NC will consider it a DWI. I recommend you contact the NC DMV directly.
Is there a statute of limitations for absconding from a misdemeanor dui in north carolina
Had 1 month left of probation and had to move to Florida. My charge was dui and says I'm absconded
No, a statute of limitations only applies to the time the government has to charge you with the crime. Absconding will...
What are the conditions for AID AND ABET IMPARIRED DRIVING?
My son, at a party, was impared and gave his car keys to his friend to drive them home. His friend was impared, by my son didn't realize it, and they got pulled over. The friend, who was driving, was ticketed for DWI and my son was also given a ticket for Aid and Abet Imparied Driving. It infuriates me to think that when my son tries to do the responsible thing, he gets a very serious ticket. Is this a fair? Anyway, all being said, is it factual that he gets this type of ticket under this scenario?
Yes, it is possible, but really, I cannot see a jury convicting him under these facts. Your son is a victim of the...
Clarification of Knoll Motion
I'm facing first time DUI charges, and my lawyer has discussed the possibility of filing a Knoll Motion in my case. He is charging a significant fee to do so (in addition to the flat fee he quoted me with), despite acknowledging it might not get me anywhere. I'm kind of leery of this "Knoll Motion." Could anyone please explain to me what it is? Also, would there be any way to find out independently whether or not he filed a Knoll Motion in my case? He's basically charging an additional 30 percent of his fee to file it and although I trust him, his staff is difficult to get answers from. Thanks for any assistance you can provide.
Ask them straight-up if they filed a Knoll motion in your case. If you paid for a Knoll motion, you certainly deserve...
What are my chances I get my license back once I setup my hearing in one week?
I had a DWI back on 4-29-2011 and completed the assessment and class. On 4-09-2014 I received a DWI and today Tuesday 9/19/2017 I did my assessment for that and was told in about a week to call to setup a hearing with the DMV. Previously to pleading guilty to the second DWI I went to Wilmington Treatment Center, I then plead guilty to the DWI on 7-27-14 and was given Drug Court as my sentence from September 2014 through September 2015. (The judge dismissed the driving with a suspended license) so I completed the program in one year and graduated and the judge granted that my probation be terminated. I haven't had a license since 2011. I was given a one year limited driving privilege then and I know I can't receive another which is why I'm trying to get this hearing set as soon as I receive the email that the form has been accepted which she said takes about a week. I've paid off all of my DMV fines in September of 2015. I've had one DWI on 4-29-2011 and a 2nd DWI on 4-09-2014 and my Driving Record says the end date is 7-27-2018 to get my license back.
It REALLY is important to understand those hearings are by no means a foregone conclusion of getting a license back....
Will a misdemeanor dui or dwi conviction show up on a background check that happened over 7 years ago in North Carolina?
I have an interview coming up and want to know how I should fill out the application "yes" or "no" when the question asks "Have you ever been convicted of any crime other than a minor traffic violation?"
All convictions you get in NC will show up on your criminal record, including a DWI. As far as a background check, it...
Can someone else represent my mom in court for her 2nd DUI?
My mom just got her 2nd DUI in 4 years in Santa Cruz California last Friday but is moving to North Carolina near me (her son). The move is scheduled to happen 08/22/2017, and she has already paid the moving company and bought the plane ticket and now does not have any money to be able to fly back for the court date in September this year. What should she do?
Your question has been here for seven days now which means after seven, attorneys won't be able to respond. Avvo has a...