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  • Aguanga man convicted of sexually assaulting 2 under...

    Dec 8, 2017 | via The Press-Enterprise 

    Randy John Morasch was found guilty Thursday, Dec. 7, of 22 felony counts that included kidnapping, solicitation of murder, sodomy by force or fear, oral copulation by force or fear, dissuading a victim or witness, and assault with a gun. A 55-year-old Aguanga man accused of sexually assaulting two underage boys and then trying to have them killed was convicted Thursday, Dec. 7 of dozens of felony counts, the Riverside County District Attorney's Office said in a news release.


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Anza Law

What will happen to me i since I have reckless driving and a DUI on my record?
I got reckless driving on my record almost 2 years ago and was put on probabtion. Since then I have gotten speeding tickets here and there and unfortunately got a DUI as well. After the DUI, I got another speeding ticket going over 90 mph. What can happen to me? Jail time or can i get deported?
Were you speeding when arrested for the DUI? If so and if beyond certain limitations, 30 on the highway, 20 on...
What to expect for a 1st offense DUI?
I recently got arrested for a DUI 1st offense. There was an accident on the fwy coming home causing stopped traffic. I noticed I was falling asleep so I put my car in park in fear of bumping the car in front of me. I woke up to officers flashing their lights on my face. After getting tested, I got arrested. I was alone. No kids involved. No damages to any other vehicle. I want to have an idea of what to expect if I don't hire an attorney... i didn't schedule a hearing within 10 days. DUI solutions reached out to me and they helped me with an SR22 and to sign up for DUI classes. I haven't yet signed up for the classes. Don't know if I should wait till the court date or sign up now..?
Since you didn't request the DMV hearing within 10 days and you are planning on being found guilty (hence, not hiring a...
Can I petition dmv for my license if I was found guilty of dui with DMV but my court ?
A year in two days ago I was arrested for a dui. I was never charged by the court and it is past the statue of limitations for them to charge me. Unfortunately the Dmv found guilty and suspended my license . My question is with it being a year past the time that the court can charge me does that give me any leeway to petition the DMV for my license back?
No, that doesn't but you should ask them what you need to do to get it back. Expect them to want an SR-22 at a minimum...
I need help with what this means and I cannot reach the DMV. Is my Suspension lifted and I can now get my license?
Go to the DMV in person. Ask them if they'll give you a license.
Can I re-open a DUI cas that was just settled on 1/17/18?
My lawyer got me to agree to a violation of probation, not making payments on my fine and not starting the other conditions. I have e-mails sent to him asking what I should do about these fines while he was working on another case and he never addressed that in court. Thus I got a permanet POV on my record and 30 additional house arrest days which I wouldn't have if he told the court that he failed to answer my questions on how to handle the first violation.
Yes, you need a judge to agree with your request. You should probably be talking to lawyers in your area about this...
What kind of sentencing am I looking at if I never showed up to court for my 3rd dui while on probation?
I got pulled over after turning onto a one way street and quickly correcting myself I got pulled over and went to jail was released in the morning
You're looking at 120+ days on a 3rd DUI plus additional time for the VOP (Violation of Probation). 3 yr license...
Can I use medical marijuana while doing the pc1000? Can the pc1000 drug test after the 4 month time period?
I was caught with mushrooms and marijuana, and it was my first time offense. However, I own a doctor's recommendation for medical marijuana (medical marijuana card). So i wanted to know if I could still smoke. Also, i only have to complete 4 months of classes with random testing so I wanted to know if I am still going to get drug tested when the 4 month time period is over.
Probably not, but you should discuss this with your lawyer.