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What are the DUI laws state to state?
I have 3 prior DUI convictions out of Alaska in which the cases are closed. I recently got a DUI in Colorado where I now reside. Will Colorado most likely treat this as my first or my fourth DUI conviction?
Alaska is a member of the interstate compact regarding sharing drivers license information. So, Colorado likely will...
Can I receive a DUI in the mail?
A week ago I was pulled over for not having a front license plate. The officer asked if I had been drinking to which I responded I had a beer. He asked me to do a field sobriety test. After I took it, he said I had failed but did not say why, he also gave me a breathalyzer but did not say what I blew. At first, they said I need to get a ride home but then another officer then asked me when I graduate college to which I said next May. The officer then asked me to go to my car while the two spoke. They told me I would leave my car there and then they would be taking me home. On the ride home, the officer told me he could decide to press charges but then when I got out of the car he said "see not all cops are pigs". Should I be expecting a DUI in the mail or did the officer simply let me go and I got extremely lucky to say the least?
From what you post, sounds like you were lucky and No, you should not be expecting a DUI in the mail. You more than...
Colorado resident Utah dui?
My boyfriend got a dui in Utah in 2011 it was for possession of marijuana and a metabolite conviction. It was never dealt with and there was warrant. In Sept of 2016 he got another dui here in colorado. We were trying to clear up Utah and do the right thing so he called the utah court in November 2016, paid the fine and pleaded guilty....ugh. we didn't know that's what was happening until the letters started coming. Now I think we have added another dui to his record from doing this and he's now eligible for a restricted license in colorado but just found out Utah has a hold on it, one letter says for 120 days effective 12-1-2016. The second letter says 6 months effective 12-1-2016. When we call the Utah dmv they keep saying he can't do anything until does that equal 120 days or 6 months?? What a nightmare. Thank you for your help
I know you reached out because you are trying to get some assistance for your boyfriend. Your boyfriend needs to get...
Can I move from Colorado to Oklahoma when I have a dui?
I haven't been convicted yet but by the time I need to move I will have all of my classes and community service finished. Will I have a problem moving?
More information is needed before any of us can provide you legal advice. Generally, you have a constitutional right to...
Charged with Felony DUI and Leaving the Scene
I am a Pennsylvania resident who was visiting Colorado shortly after my father's death. I received a DUI, leaving the scene of an accident and failure to report an accident as well as "serious" injury to someone. The charge was initially a misdemeanor, but then upgraded when the other driver was found to have a broken wrist. The other driver and passenger were released from the hospital in one-two hours and headed back on their way to California. I of course panicked and drove 2-3 miles up the road until stopped. I received a DUI 7 years ago in PA, which was not considered a conviction as I served the ARD program, however, this still remains on my driving record. I have absolutely no criminal record, volunteer on the weekends at hospice, and am a Clinical Research Scientist for cancer patients, just to gauge my character assessment. I am getting mixed signals from attorneys on the likelihood of my two major hopefuls: 1. Avoiding jail and 2. Having the felony reduced or deferred. I completely understand the severity of this and am NOT making light of it, but the penalties for someone with no criminal seem harsh to me. What are my chances of avoiding jail and felony?
It's a difficult question to answer with unknowns such as the jurisdiction prosecutor and judge one can't provide you...
I was convicted of a D.U.I. in 2005 and the law was 1 year interlock
I chose not to drive for 10 years. Now the D.M.V. says I have to do 2 years of interlock. However, I don't fall within the legal requirements for a 2 year interlock.
The new law would require a 2 year interlock. However you can still contact DMV and chat with them about lessening it...
DUI in Colorado, but with NH license
Son received DUI in colorado, but still has NH license, and wants to move back to NH to serve any penalties... • Can he leave the state with a pending DUI charge • Can he handle his march court appearance via telephone or other means so that he doesn’t have to come back to CO? • Does he technically have a license still because it is an out of state license until he gets NH notification? • Does he have a license/driving privileges until his court date (march) or do they get revoked sooner if BAC comes back over the limit • Can he apply for a hardship license to get to work/get home to NH?
Your son would be best served to contact attorneys in both CO and NH. Use the "Find a Lawyer" tab at the top of the...