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What's the guidelines for a restricted license?
I got a restricted license a few weeks back. I had 4 dui arrests from 7-8 years ago. I was convicted on two. Haven't been pulled over since 08.. To my surprise I didn't have to take the behind the wheel driving exam or get a iid installed? Just took the written and eye exam. They took my pic and gave me a temporary? The dmv gave me no directions on where I could drive with a restricted? I read up on it a bit. I guess a restricted with no iid I'm only allowed to drive to work and dui classes. With a iid I'm allowed to drive whenever? Is this correct? If that is the case say I don't get a iid and get pulled over driving home at midnight from a concert of something? Then I'm flicked right?
Generally, restricted licenses allow driving to and from work and DUI school, addin the course and scope of work....
With a DUI conviction is a interlock device a condition the judge makes for you to get your license reinstated?
I have 2 DUI convictions from over 5 years ago. I'm looking at the conditions of my probation? The judge never made it a condition for me to get a device interlock installed to drive? The mandatory actions unit in sac is saying I don't need it to get my license reinstated? If the judge never made it a condition? Does that mean I am not required to get it?
If it is not a term of your probation and DMV is stating that you do not need it, you might have answered your own...
Can i contest a 3yr old drug DUI conviction
I recently learned that just because a drug may be in your system , it doesnt mean you are under the influance. Had i known that i would have faught mine conviction 3 yrs prior. Its my first on only DUI. The last three yrs of no driving has been costly. Id like to conest my conviction with this new discovery. Is there a statue with the courts or DMV?
Yes plus it sounds like you entered a plea and did not go to trial and lose. So you cannot appeal. You can file a...
I am 18 and got a dui For marijuana This my first dui. What can happen to me. I have a job and I go to college
What can happen to me
you did not give much details other than near arrest for driving while under the influence of marijuana these cases are...
What does PTD mean?
I was arrested in 2011 for a wet and reckless then in 2012 for driving without a license. In my court records it shows a PTD: 06/08/2014 what does this mean ? Thank you.
While I have never seen this particular acronym I guess that one of the two cases resolved on June 8 and that your...
What could happen on my case
Hi my name is francisco i live in the state of california on saturday morning i had an accident i fell asleep driving the car i also had 3 beers on me and i left walking a cop catched me walking he stoped me and ask me if it was my car i sed that the car wasnt my car so after a few hours i went to the police station telling them that the car was my car but k wasnt driving so the cop knew i was lien he told me that he had my face on camara so i came up with the truth and i got arrested for a couple of hours they let me out and gave me 2 tickets one for hit and run and for no insurance and no driver lincence my question is can i go back to jail at the day of my court?
That depends on if you will be charged with anything else (also, a lot of times, sentencing is up to the judge's...
Son 32 yrs, involved in accident with 2nd DUI (one in 4/2014; 2nd 10/27/54).
Received a letter from injured party of their intent to sue both me and my son for medical damages. The car was fully insured and registered in my name and my son did have a valid drivers license at the time. Am I legally liable for my son's actions? c Can I be sued? The other party states the I am liable for entrusting the use of the vehicle to my son, and that punitive damage will be sought against me.
This question belongs in the civil litigation area. I am transferring it to the litigation category so that you may...