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First time dui, my friend hit a car and fled the scene. Cops later showed up to his house and he was arrested. How many charges?
They are saying he can be in jail for four months. I'm just wondering since the person he hit was not badly injured (meaning was able to walk away from the scene) what the time frame is? Will he get to come out after his arriangment tomorrow and then go back for his court date? Again it's his first DUI and first time with anything having negative w his driving.
Your "friend" needs to retain an experienced criminal defense attorney. In addition to DUI, he could be charged with...
Which one is better sheriff's work project or home arrest with monitor and how much does each cost
my son is charged with dui and evade police officer
Best is a relative term. It is relative depending on what you need. Sheriff work project will allow you to carry on...
How do i get confirmation that dui was expunged?
I got my dui expunged a few years ago in california. I lost any record I might of had saying that this was done. I just want to find a place where I can get a letter saying it was done.
You can find out by calling the clerk of the court. You can also get a copy of your criminal history by following...
Can I get cdl with three duis
3rd over five years old, first and second are 7+ years
It depends. Go to DMV and ask. You may be required to complete DUI classes before you're eligible for a license. DMV...
I rear ended another car,agreed field sobriety, got arrested. 1st offense ever.likelihood of reduction?
Charged with 23153 A & B. Agreed to field sobriety. Did blood test at jail.
Depends largely on your BAC, but with a rear-end collision, reduction is unlikely.
How much time given for felon in poss. Of body armor and parole violation as well as probation violation driving on suspended
My kids Dad got arrested Saturday and his charges said possession of body armor by felon as well as parole violation violation of probation and driving on suspended license, and in wondering how much time will he do or typically do they give for these types of charge?
That's impossible to say without knowing what he's on parole and probation for. The body armor may well send him back...
Advance Parole through DACA with a previous DUI
Hello In 2010 I was convicted of a DUI, I had my conviction expunged and later applied for DACA. It was approved and I have renewed it once since then. I am considering Advance Parole at this time since I am married to a USC but am worried that I will be denied entry into the US because of my previous DUI conviction. Does anyone have a case similar to mine or has had a case similar to mine. Any information is much appreciated.
Expungments have no effect in immigration. Did you disclose the DUI on your DACA application? You have good reason...