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Can I get off SUPERVISED DWI probation early?
I got a 3rd degree DWI in Wright County (BAC was .23) and was sentenced to 30 days on an at home alcohol monitor and 2 years probation with 355 days stayed over my head. This is my first offense. I had my probation transferred to my home county (Anoka). I'm on random testing, must attend counseling sessions, and am not allowed to be in possession of alcohol. I'm just wondering if I complete my counseling, pay off my fines, do 100% perfect on the at home monitor, and have perfect UA's when I'm on random testing, if Anoka County will let me off of supervised probation early. (I understand I'd still be on probation for two years if I have a same or similar..) Just wondering if certain terms of probation can be removed If I show that I'm doing well! Thanks!
Of course, hypothetically that is possible. Your reasons for such a request need to be known: Reasons that exist close...
Minnesota possession of alcohol ticket for a minor
I was on a school field trip last weekend and I was accused of drinking but blew a 0.00 when breathalyzed. but the cops still gave me possession of alcohol for an empty flask I had. Is it possible to get a possession of alcohol for that or would it be considered paraphernalia as a minor. Me and my parents want all the charges dropped on me and my twin brother because during all this all procedures of the process were not followed.
They can certainly try but that doesn't mean they will be successful. I would suggest contacting a criminal defense...
Dui court ? Im a 4th dui felony will i be accepted for dui court ? and will it help me to get less jail time ? and get help ?
i have 4 dui , 1 in 2004 , 2 in 2007 , 4th dui in 2013
DWI court is available only for Hennepin County cases and residents. On very rare occasions they take felony offenders...
3 DWI Probation violations. What will happen
So I am on Probation for a year for a DWI. I also had 3 Minor consumptions at the time of sentancing . Anyways, I got 2 Additional minors while on probation and Also didn't "complete" out patient treatment which was part of my probation. But That's because I got discharged For getting a minor. I am currently about to get back into a different treatment program. I don't know why they say it's a violation that I was discharged cause a probation officer told me I just needed to get back into treatment. Anyways, they are bringing me back to court for these 3 Violations, the "not completting treatment", and the 2 minors. What do you think will happen ?
Based on that information, it is difficult to know or say. When I represent clients in probation violation proceedings,...
If you are convicted you will be looking at 3-7 years in prison or 180 days in local, depending on your criminal...
Fighting implied consent
I have a first time careless conviction, reduced from 1st offense DWI. Results were .13. I'm fighting the implied consent - lots of discrepancies in the police report compared to other sections of the report as well as the video. Officer said on tape he thought I was fine and couldn't smell anything , the report states strong odor, glossy eyes (I was wearing glasses at night), stumbling (I watched the tape there was none), mentioned air freshened dangling in mirror, down now, but wasn't mentioned that night, and a few other things. What are the chances if winning so I don't lose my license? I live my life extremely honestly, and it's very discouraging to know those put here to protect me are falsifying things to gain max punishment. This sit. will never happen again, but truth is important
It seems you are seeking reassurance. It also seems you have a lawyer representing you, for it is unlikely a person...
Dwi reduced to careless, fighting implied consent. Is this a good deal?
First offense DWI last April. Prosecutor offered reduction to careless and I can still fight the license revocation. Is this a good deal?
There are always pros and cons to every decision you make in a criminal case. The best thing for you to do is consult...