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Will I have any chance of being accepted into the ARD program with charges of a DUI, small possession and paraphernalia charge?
I was driving under the influence of marijuana and I was pulled over. I was arrested for a marijuana DUI as well as a charge of small possession of marijuana and one charge of drug paraphernalia. I was entirely cooperative and respectful to the officer the entire time. I have no criminal record whatsoever before this incident and no one was hurt in the situation. I am currently a two-sport collegiate athlete so needless to say this could destroy my life. Given I have no previous criminal record,and no violent crimes were committed, do I have any chance of being accepted into the ARD program here in Lebanon County?
You certainly have a chance, a good one. Hire a private attorney immediately to increase your chances of a successful...
How is Pennsylvania DUI look back calculated?
I have a prior DUI conviction from Feb. 2006 sentencing in Sept 2006. I got stopped for DUI in July 2016. Is the look back calculated from date of offences, date of convictions, or a mix of both? This would be a huge difference between the two for penalties and I would like to know where things stand.
The statute just was amended. It reads: the prior offense must have occurred: (i) within 10 years prior to the date of...
Dui probation
If i receive probation for a first dui will they do random drug and alchol testing during my probation period ?
Depending on the stipulation reached between you and the District Attorneys Office, Random Drug and Alcohol Testing is...
How can i prove that the officer that charged me dui doctored up a breath test to read .225 when he didnt offer me a breath tes?
Had a personal accident on june 2 2017 @ 12:05 am. Officers showed up at 4:50 am and saw that i was groggy from sleeping in the car and the officer said no you had been drinking. He slapped cuffs on me within 5 minutes. Told me was being charged. The complaint read breath test at .225, but no breath test was given. I did refused a bac since my car was inoperable and was sleeping in it.
A breath test is not admissible as evidence so this really won't do it for you. An officers judgment that you were...
I got a dui because of a minor fender bender and am 77 years old
I got into a minor fender bender and my level was .107 and recived a dui. I am 77 years old no other traffic tickets and i have copd and my breathing is bad and am on oxygen will i get any jail time in your opinion of this was my first dui ? Or will i get probation ? What will probably happen ?
You are most likely eligible for a first offenders program called ARD, which stands for accelerated rehabilitative...
My son's father just got his 2nd DUI
My son's father just got his second DUI. The first was pretty bad. He had a fleeing/eluding charge that was dropped to a misdemeanor in exchange for 2 months in jail on work release. This time he crashed into someone's garage. Totaled his car, damaged the homes garage and both vehicles in it. His BAC was a .167 the 1st offense. This time it's a .141. He has a relatively long criminal record. With a public defender (or per se) how much time could he be facing?
There are a number of factors that impact the possible sentence. Your son's father has an attorney who is most...
What will I be facing for a probation violation first offense?
I got a second dui and on house arrest for 6 months and probation for 5 yrs. I got caught driving on a suspended license and got violated for a pv. And a violation for dui court and lying about it in the first place. I had to do a week in jail for it.
Was the driving on a suspended license DUI related. Based on your previous sentence, you probably received a 5 year...