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I have two DUI's one in the District of Columbia and the Second in Virginia two years ago and I want to apply for my citizenship
Can I apply?
Yes. Neither should be considered a crime that prevents acceptance of your applications.
More than10 year ago I got my 1st dwi now last week I got my 2nd dwi do I to jail for that.
Can I get house arrest.
You need to hire a criminal defense lawyer in your area that practices DUI defense. The use, if any, of your prior DUI...
Can I get my dwi reduced if I blew 0.07 at the station?
it was 2:00 am when they stopped me and I stopped at 5 pm. also I have acid reflux and I believe I was stripped searched with no probable cause and molested.
I'm not entirely sure of the facts you post. The first thing you need to do is hire a competent criminal defense lawyer...
What to do when you have your first dwi?
and the police officer made you blow the breath test three times?
Hire a local attorney who specializes in dui defense. The issue is not how many times he had you blow, but the number...
Had 3 gin and tonics between 11:40pm and 1:40am, went through checkpoint...blew a 0.09..first offense..never been handcuffed..
I got off work last Friday at 11:30pm, had three gin and tonics with my girlfriend from 11:40 to 1:40am...I was absolutely 100% okay to drive my truck. As I'm driving home I went through checkpoint...officer said my eyes were glossy (extremely exhausted having worked a double at work...13 hours)...I did the field tests...he told the magistrate later that night I failed the tests because I didn't 'listen' to his exact instructions...for instance...He told me to countdown from 69 to 47 and I counted down perfectly from 69-45...I did the walk and ever slightly lifted my arm...I blew a 0.09 and was in precinct for 10 hours...sober as a judge. The officers at precinct said "you look awfully sober to me"...first time offense...President of my school, do a lot of good for community...what now?
Field sobriety test may fall in the face of expert cross examination. What does your attorney say? If you don't...
How to obtain FAA aeromedical cert with expunged VA DWI change and refusal conviction
Several years ago I was arrested for DWI in Virginia, with an additional refusal charge. The DWI was eventually nolle'd in exchange for a guilty plea to civil refusal. Arrest records relating to the DWI charge were then expunged. My driving privilege in VA was suspended for a year in VA for the refusal, but my home state took no action on my license and it doesn't appear on my driver's abstract. I'm now seeking to get FAA aeromedical certification for a private pilot's license. Given that the arrest was expunged, and that a record (in VA) of the refusal suspension is still out there, how should I answer the DUI question on the FAA medical form? I've read that the FAA views "refusal" as equivalent to profound alcoholism, that my medical cert will be deferred to OKC, and that I will ultimately have to prove sobriety to the FAA by submitting to some sort of extremely lengthy and expensive inpatient substance rehab program. How should I approach this? Can an attorney be of any help?
I'm a pilot.. I've got news for you, the FAA don't give a crap about expungements. You need to hire an administrative...
Is it police coercion? And is FST admissible?
I was pulled over for ruining red light. I told arresting officer and 2 partners I did not want to perform FST and to give me a ticket or take me to jail. The arresting officer said based on his observation he would arrest me for DUI. And further said my option was take FST or go to jail. I felt I had no choice in the matter and performed FST. Got arrested anyway.
You're going to need a lawyer to help you in court. Based on what you've said, it may be possible to keep the field...