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How do you get a dui while walking
last night i got pulled over agian for seat belts Ihave an older turck with lap belts only 30 minutes later I walked to the courthouse to file a complaint and was arrested for dui the troopper wrote the tickets for the time of the seat belt ticket but at no time during the seatbelt stop did they say anything about a dui and let me drive off how is this possible
We get bizarre DUI stories from rural downstate counties such as yours. Honestly each one is unique, so although you...
I passed the field sobriety test and blew below the legal limit of 0.08. why did i still get a ticket for DUI?
i was pulled over because i flashed my headlights to alert another motorists about a deer that was near the highway. they also searched my car after arresting me
The arresting officer most likely charged with driving under the influence, in which the officer is alleging that you...
Will I not get hired because of a DUI?
I have already went through the interview process for a job in which I now have to wait to take the drug test and get the background check done (which will happen on the 20th). However in the time between signing the papers (9th) and getting the background check done I got arrested for a dui on the jan 13th which is before my background check (jan 20th). My court date isn't until the next month (February 13th) and my license has not yet been suspended (I got 46 days until). Will this arrest show up on this background check even though I have not yet been convicted?
Yes it will show up on a background check most likely. How can we answer a question about an unknown employer and...
Can i get my old dui fines reduced .
I owe some old DUI fines in Will County 2000-2011. What can i do to get them reduced. I need to get this straightened out before i apply for a restricted permit.
You may be able to enter into a payment plan and get any failure to pay suspensions off your record. That being the...
Married a girl from Denmark drunk, how do I resolve it.
My fiance and I live in Illinois and want to get married. However, we just found out he us still married. When he was 25 yrs old (he is now 55) he got drunk and married a girl from Denmark here on vacation. She stated she would get it annulled through the Consulate when she went back home a week later but as it turns out she did not. We have made contact with her and she is still in Denmark and remarried. How do we get this resolved.
The simplest thing may be to file for divorce. Check with your attorney, or if you don't have one, get with an...
How much the DUI would cost me if I want to get rid of it?
The cop pulled me over and asked me to do the test and I did, the result was 8% for the breath test. I ended up getting DUI with 4 tickets: Driving under influence(1) Driving under influence (2) Speeding Improper lane usage.
It's going to cost you close to what the Illinois State Public Service commercial states...$10,000. That may or may not...
Can I get a DUI
If I am in a parked car in the driver seat with the engine off and I do not have the keys on me at all. What if the keys to the car is in my house but I left my car door open and sat in it drunk. But no keys on me so I wouldn't be able to start the car anyway.
Yes if there is a witness that saw you drive. have your Criminal Defense attorney review all the facts and evidence to...