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Do police have to give you a receipt or ticket pertaining to a blood draw.
Was stopped some time ago and taken to the hospital. No accident involved, fully concious, etc. Police never administered any form of PBT or field sobriety test, nor said anything to me about a blood draw or even mentioned a DUI. My question is, could they attain and send a blood test sample for testing without my knowlege, or do they have to provide a receipt of some kind, or ticket, or at least consent? Just curious, thanks.
If you believe the police may have violated search and seizure laws during the course of your investigation, my very...
What should I do after moving to California with a restricted Michigan license.
I am moving from Michigan to California for a new job this April. However, my Michigan driver license is restricted to drive to work/school/home until August. The reason for the restriction is because I got multiple tickets (10 points out of the 12 total points limit) during my Michigan driver license's 3-year-probation period (applied to all original Michigan driver licenses). I know that I must get a California license with 10 days of residency setup. After moving to California, what should I do the get a CA driver license? If I can get one, will it be restricted or non-restricted?
Apply with the CA. DMV and see what they tell you. Be HONEST with the CA DMV about the status of your MI license.
No charges filed just under 3 years out from DUI arrest? Can charges still be filed?
I was arrested for DUI but never charged. I know i bro the law and my BAC was over the limit. The officer and courts have my correct address but I have never received any correspondence regarding the matter. Its been nearly 3 years since and ive gotten my head on straight since the birth of my child (2 weeks after arrest) and have been living a law abiding life. There are no warrants out for me, but im concerned that when I go to renew my license there will be a hold given the xxg35 or 25 or something on my license. What can I do?
if you haven't been charged then don't worry about and certainly don't call to find out where your charges are. maybe...
I'm not the father of my x girlfriend s daughter but I have HIV. And some other drunk driving DUI . Her daughter calls me dad
I have HIV my x girlfriend is being investigated by DSS two drunk driving with child in car. She did six months jail and had her daughter taken away. She's had her now but trouble again. Do I have a chance to Get the six year old girl With me. I'm not her real father but I'm scared and care. Thank you. My x girlfriend needs help! She has a older sister who's great. And her 74 year old grandma.
Preference will be given to the child's biological father and family. You can always hire an attorney to ask the court...
My sister has two duis with child in car she did six months in jail and was ordered away from her child. Recently
My sister has two duis with child in car she did six months in jail and was ordered away from her child. Recently she was found in a public place drunk with her daughter the police were called and she was told not to drive home. Her and her child got a ride. CPS was called and CPS is now investigating. Our Family are very worried again what is going to happen to the Child. She has had her daughter back just four months. She has a bad track record for years.
A couple of things could happen (and probably will). DHS (Michigan's version of CPS) could initiate abuse and neglect...
My daughter was killed by a drunk driver. I am the PR of her estate. How do I disperse the settlement money fairly?
My ex and divorced after my daughter was 5. My daughter lived with me since she was 9. I paid for everything including sports, clothes, cars and college with not one dime from her Mother. I also raised our other daughter in the same manner. Both lived with me. The Heirs are myself, my Ex, my younger daughter and my daughter from my previous marriage. I offered a 40/30/15/15 split. My ex thinks it should be 50/50 between her and I. What are the reasons for splitting up the money fairly?
I am assuming that your daughter had no will, and with that being the case, the intestacy laws apply, and you really...
Can they say your cobbs agreement is not valid or you should not get that priviledge
Two years ago I was a drug addict.I recieved a phone call from my co defendant wanting to know if I was interested in cashing a check she had, I jumped on in it. She picked me up an hour later and we drove to another town, about an hour and twenty minutes away. Three banks later, I was finally able to cash a check for two thousand dollar, whiich was put in seperate envelopes just like she wanted. On the way out of town on way back home, she pulls into a salvation army store. I went and bought a winter coat, to my surprise, she was in there trying to steal peoples wallets. I knoow this because we were arrested as we exited the store. There was a cobbs agreement made with some court appointed attorney I used . Offered cobbs agreement. Did go back til now. Got life and family together.
Not sure what your question is? Generally, if you are given a Cobbs agreement and the judge refused to follow it, you...