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What are the types of probation in Iowa - why would a 1st dui have a supervised probation>
What are the types of probation in Iowa - why would a 1st dui have a supervised probation>
Most probation is supervised by the Department of Correctional Services in Iowa. Some misdemeanor offenses will be...
Does the Iowa law section 321J-17(3) apply to me?
I was plead guilty to an OWI 2nd and served my entire sentence or tho I thought. I was eligible for full reinstatement of my driving privilege on 6-30-2013. So I had my IID(intoxalock) removed 6-26-2013 being that due to the law at the current time was that they have to removed for full reinstatement of your DL. The next day I receive a paper in the mail advising me that do to Iowa law section 321J-17(3) that goes into effect 7-1-2013 I am required to keep my IID installed. The Iowa DOT is closed on 6-30-13 as well as the following day 7-1-13. I go to the DOT on 7-2-13 and can not get reinstated because I don't have an IID in my vehicle. I feel as if I have completed my entire sentence this law should not apply to me. Almost feels like for lack of a better example double jeopardy.
Generally, new laws in Iowa take effect on July 1 each year and are prospective in nature, meaning they apply to...
What are the laws in iowa regarding suspended license
I was also at a gas station and got a driving while suspended. I am on probation for a felony. I had a licensed driver with me who went in to pay for gas when he came out there was a state patrol two pumps down. He obviously did not notice this because he put beer in the back of the truck and proceeded to get one out for the ride. I said WTF did you not see the trooper watching you? Put the beer back in the back which he did. The beer never entered the vehicle but the trooper decided he would like to get to know us a bit better at this point. Boy was I excited to meet him. He never seen me driving and when asked for my license he obviously noticed it was not a license. I was suspended 2 years ago for owi2 please help me to understand iowa law on this and my path from here.
You should hire a lawyer.
Got stopped 3 mths ago and urine tested no tickets or arrest the officer calls and wants me to come sign owi
Officer asks me 3 months later to come in and sign owi what if I don't? I did a urine test that day was not ticketed or arrested took proof in next day and all med was returned to me what can they do if I don't go in and sign
The same thing they will do if you do go in and sign. Hire a lawyer now and stop speaking to the police.
1st DUI is the time between when you give up your license(July 1st) and court date(Sept 1) count towards the 180 days?
On a 1st DUI offense if you have given up your license on July 1st and your judgment is going to be Sept.1st. Does this time count towards your 180 day judgment if convicted?
If your license was suspended for failing the breath test, there will not be an additional period of suspension imposed...
How do I contest the DOT's requirements for reinstatement if I was never convicted of OWI?
I was charged with an OWI which was later thrown out of court and I was not convicted. I have shown the DOT proof of this decision and they still require I go through the examination, drunk driver school, civil penalty and so forth. Why do I still need to do this when it was proven that I was innocent of the OWI?
The revocation is based on the breath test result or refusal. The State could have not even filed the charge and you...
In appealing license revocation due to DUI what should I convey to facilitate the likelihood of hearing being granted?
Arrested for DUI trying to keep driving privileges to work.
Alibi Wrongful Arrest Suppress state evidence Policeman was an imposter Your approach to have a defense spoon fed...