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  • Former Bogalusa city councilman pleads guilty to agg...

    Tuesday Jul 21 | via 

    A former Bogalusa elected official has pleaded guilty to aggravated assault of a police officer for pointing a gun at officers who responded to a disturbance call at his home last year, authorities said. Former Bogalusa City Councilman Daniel D. Stogner received a five-year suspended sentence and five years probation from state District Judge Richard Swartz, according to a new release from north shore District Attorney Warren Montgomery's office .


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.0009 on a breath test, dui
My friend was at his neighbors house when his car rolled into the neighbors truck. No one was in the vehicles, but long story short my friend got convicted of a dui (this will be his 3rd) after blowing a .0009 He goes to the doctor regularly, and gets prescription narcotics, but he gets tested regularly to make sure he stays within his prescription levels. Is a .0009 a dui?
A .09 is but not .0009.
Can a 10 year old dui be counted against you
I got a dui over 10 years ago and now I'm being charged with another will it. be considerd my second?
That depends on which state you are currently charged in. States have various 'look-back' periods in their DUI/DWI...
If arrested for a DUI can you still be able to recieve a clearance on your finger prints for a job?
My first a offense and misdemeanor.
It is the disposition rather than the arrest which will cause you problems. An arrest may or may not show up on a...
Can you be charge with a dwi or a DUI with a . 075
Even no you not over the .080
Yes, I have seen it done before. The rationale is that there is a .o1 variance in the breathalyzing machine and...
What happens when your already on felony probabtion and you get charged with second offense dui
i was charged two years ago with negligent operation of a vehicle and a dui and here a little over a year ago i was charged with a second offense dui and i am about to go to court in a few days and get my sentence please tell me what if i will be get any jail or prison time out of this
May have probation revoked and serve felony sentence. Some courts do not revoke on misde.
If you not over the limit and you blow a .075and they thing take you to jail can you still be charge with a DUI or a dwi
In the state off lousania
Yes they can. Remember, the crime is driving while intoxicated. In other words, is the driver too intoxicated to...
How do I beat a DUi if i passed every alcohol test (I wasnt drunk) but was on xanex. but they have no proof.
They took no drug test at all. All they have is hear say. What should I do or say? Please tell me how to beat this. And i didnt wreck because of the xanex it was because I was mad and driving too fast and the breaks were bad and when I went around the curve I lost control and the breaks failed.
I do not practice in LA, but it sounds like you were charged under an "impaired" statute; meaning its the officer's...