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Will I need an interlock device?
I have two dui convictions.. I have not had a valid DL for well over ten years, and have not had a dui since 2006, the first was in 2004...the mvc said there is nothing in their system about me needing a interlock.... do I need one?
Most likely you were not ordered to place an interlock on your vehicle. The law that mandates this was not in effect in...
Am I liable if someone gets drunk at my house and drives home if they are over 18 and they crash
Am i liable in this situation, again the person is 34 years old, but i did provide the drinks to her
If you plied her with liquor and then let her drive away an aggressive attorney might sue you too. Normally this kind...
How I can go about fighting a dui charge, a 3rd to be exact?
Accused of dui. Originally pulled over for speeding. Have 2 duis already but my last was faulty and would Like to appeal that as well. Was not in or near my car didn’t even possess my keys I called the police for help as my ex had taken off with my car and left me in the middle of nowhere. I have 2 jobs and can not afford to lose my license. Please help.
First for your prior offense the cops don't need to see you driving if you admitted to driving the car. Second as you...
What is the penality for getting a DUI when on a deferred sentence?
My boyfriend got blamed for a robbery he didn't do by his friend, and his lawyer at the time told him to plea guilty and get a deferred sentence. Well it's almost up in a couple months, but he got a DUI a couple days ago after getting pulled over for a broken headlight after a few drinks at a restaurant. They gave him tickets for a DUI, reckless driving, and a number of other minor tickets. The deferred sentence happened in Oklahoma, and the DUI happened in NJ. He still has OK license and registration. Also when he got pulled over he refused the breathelyzar and didn't go to jail or anything, he was able to be sent home. What should we do, and what would be the penality? We contacted a lawyer, but I'm just wondering until we get the money for him. Thanks in advance.
You'll need to contact your attorney in Oklahoma. He will be able to tell you what are the ramifications of being...
Can the idrc impose u having to get a blower unit put in your car or is that f eom the court itself?
can get license back after 11 years..paud all fines..did everything I am waiting to talk to some e from idea for letter of reccomendation
If you didn't put the interlock unit in as ordered by the court, you must do so. You will not be restored until you...
Penalties for first offence DWI IN New Jersey?
I was arrested for DWI,first time,no prior convictions,clean record,breath test result 0.13%BAC.I am 58 father of 2.
Without a lawyer at least 7 month suspension, 2 day drug and alcohol class, 600 dollars plus in fines, 1000 a year in...
Is it important when police officer put wrong car on ticket for DWI in NJ??
I am charged with DWI and few other tickets(careless driving) in northern New Jersey.I was driving Volvo and officer stated it was Volksvagen.Is it reason to try to beat the charges?
Not in the least. When he typed VO the system likely defaulted to Volkswagen. In a trial he would identify you and the...