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  • 10 Homes Recently Sold in North Andover

    Monday Aug 24 | via 

    Methuen man charged with assault with intent to commit rape, kidnapping, and indecent assault and battery on a person over the age of 14. Align Credit Union is proud to be this year's Leadership Sponsor for the Walk for Hospice supporting Care Dimensions. Have you been arrested or received a summons and your name has appeared in a North Andover Patch police report? Here's what you need to know The man flies the flag on his property near Walpole High School.


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  • How To Get Your Name Off an Andover Patch Police Report

    Sunday Aug 23 | via 

    Have you been arrested or received a summons and your name has appeared in an Andover Patch police report? Here's what you need to know. Patch reports on arrests and crime incidents in the city, and also understand that not everyone is convicted of the crimes that they are alleged to have committed.


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  • Suspect sought in Tewksbury hotel robbery

    Saturday Aug 8 | via Lowell Sun 

    Canine units from the state and several surrounding towns helped Tewksbury police search for a man who held up the Holiday Inn off Route 133 near the Andover town line Saturday afternoon. Police said they were called to the hotel at 4 Highwood Drive, just off Route 133, at 5:27 p.m., for a report of an armed robbery.


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Andover Law

If I get pulled over for a OUI, and immediately ask for an can they say I refused a breathalyzer?
If I get pulled over for a OUI, and immediately ask for an attorney.....and say I won't talk or do anything until I speak to an attorney...can they still continue to ask me questions and ask me to take a Breathalyzer. And then hold not taking one against me by taking me license, when all this occurred subsequent to me saying I wanted to speak to an attorney?
You do not have a right to counsel until you are formally placed under arrest (custodial questioning). And, if you...
Cwof DUI stay on your driving record?
Is there anyway from getting it expunged or sealed from my driving record? I know that I can get my CORI sealed since it a cwof Dui and the Cori laws have changed.When it is sealed through the Cori does it automatically seal the driving record also? I want to know because of future employment I do not want employers checking my criminal record and nothing showing up but the DUI showing up through my driving record, which would it look like i have been convicted.
You have posted this question twice. Please see the responses to your first post. The case will remain on your driver...
I am a restaurant operator listed on liquor license as the manager. About a month ago I got an oui and took the CWOF.
What will happen when my cori is pulled? My record is clear otherwise.
It will show the CWOF.
Will a cowf on a dui prevent me female renewing my class a gun permit?
I have no prior issues. How does this effect my renewal?
It depends on how the chief of police for your town decides to handle it. A CWOF is not a conviction and a first...
How long is a license suspended in MA for a first OUI offense?
Good afternoon...Thank you in advance for an answer. I got a dwi nearly 3 months ago. My lawyer and I are still in the process of fighting it and are looking for a defense of "necessity driving". Can Iget my license back at this point? And if so, how do I get it? He told me if we didnt win the case at trial that I would have to pay for re-instatement all over again. Can any of you tell me if I am in fact able to get my license back now? I did do the breath test and it was over the .08 My atty is on vacation and I would really, really appreciate an answer asap. Thank you.
Yes, you can probably get your license back now. The RMV suspension for failing a breath test is thirty days. See...
I was recently arrested for OUI. This is my first such offense. I did not plead guilty. My case was Continued without a Finding.
I have probation for 12 months as well as 45 day loss of license. My case will be dismissed after 12 months provided there are no further offenses of any kind. Since I will not have a guilty conviction on my record, will I be able to visit Canada without issue? Thank you.
It does not sound like you hired a lawyer to help you with this charge. Unfortunately each states laws are slightly...
How can the registry suspend a driver license, when you never had one
My son was arrested when he was 17 for minor in possession of alcohol, the dmv assigned him a license number, he never even applied for a license.
That's how the registry keeps track of people with incidents, but no license, such as minors and people from other...