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Can I be deported because of a DUI and criminal contempt conviction if I still have a grand larceny case pending?
Criminal contempt conviction was for violating an Order of Protection. Grand larceny case has not yet been tried. Can I be deported with a case still pending?
Removal proceedings could be started, but you'll face your charges before anything happens.
I just got charged with a 2nd dwi and an aggrivated dwi within 10 years, a class e felony. what am i facing?
my convictions were within the 10 year mark. october 18th of 2004
In theory you face up to 4 years in jail. While that won't happen, you are in a tough spot and the outcome may depend...
My son was involved in a car accident.He was charged with dui .he came up pos for maryjuanna .The acc happened because his
break line broke. he did not leave the scene he passed all field test except for standing on one leg. that test was given in the middle of hill.They found nothing on him or in his truck. the air bag deployed and dust went in his eyes.they said probable cause was glassy eyes and slurred speech 3 witnesses at th escene all said his speech was not slurred.He actually went to the homeowners house at witch the acc took place and woke them up to let them know what happened.
You need to hire a really good defense attorney. For every negative they say, you need to be able to challenge and...
If there was no evidence of maryjuana use no odor nothing found in truck or on person how can you be charged with a dui with
only a urine test
It would depend on what the police claim the probable cause was 1) to stop you and 2) to arrest you. The officer might...
Procedure for inter-state DUI "mess"?
Got a friend that has multiple DUIs and had his licensed yanked while he lived in Florida. Moved back to NY and someone in FL is telling him he has to take classes in FL and he's just getting conflicting information. Just looking for a sole information source so he can get it all squared away. Saw the light, got sober and is putting his life back together. I'm asking because I had a DUI back in 2000 in CA and when I moved back home to AR, all I had to do was pay for an SR-22 from CA I believe and show that to AR DMV and we were all clear. I don't have a lot of details but if there's someone willing to discuss things with him at no charge I'd appreciate it.
Hello and Thank you for reaching out and contacting me. Though I am out of the office until Tuesday evening I do keep...
What are the chances of DWI be dropped to a DWAI?
I was charge with a DWI in Nassau County, NY. I got pulled over for speeding. I was cooperative with the officers did sobriety test and the breathlyzer (blew a .1) I remember that whole night clearly. My brother and I were on our way home from a lounge. Five minutes in driving back home, I saw that my brother was getting drowsy so I decide we switch seats so we did. I only drove for a minute or two before getting pulled over. I didn’t spend the night in jail since my brother was sober. My brother also took a breathalyzer and blew a .01. When the officer ask me what I had to drink I said two beers and two shots. Will this statement help or worsen my case? This is my first offense ever, I mean not even traffic tickets on my record. Never been in a situation like this I don’t know what to expect. I’ve been really nervous about me case, I obviously don’t want this on my record. What can I do to lessen the misdemeanor to infraction. Is it even possible? Last note, should I appear to my first appearance alone or have a lawyer with me.
You should consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately. If this is your first arrest and you blew...
I have no idea how to proceed... my daughter is faced with a DUI.
Background: Our family - nonjudgmental. My 23 yo valedictorian daughter talked to me about cannabis before she experimented. Still smokes, I know who/what/where. She's a kid you can set a clock to. Started acting out of the ordinary after camping for weeks off and on. I take her keys and tell friends don't give them back unless she is okay (Monday). Wednesday 30 mile high speed chase, surrounded to take into custody and she's on all 4s like an animal. Shes in and out of lucidity. Got jail to transfer to medical and had her bailed out (with her acting like a fool, I didn't want to wrestle that to get her help). So far, no infections found. I keep saying her brain got cooked because we were out in the heat (Ouaquaga, NY) since the middle of June, setting up and tearing down a festival. Drs say hallucinogens - today is Saturday and she's still "off"... whatever she's "on" - it's now Saturday. Only thing on tox is cannabis. Dealing with her means I can't think of anything else... but I have to think about her court date as well... so.... ???? I've been worrying about the present because its constant and her future now seems unreal.
You should retain an experienced DWI lawyer to handle the court matter while you focus on your daughter’s medical issues.