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Can a felony dui be reduced to a misdemeanor dui or wet reckless charge?
i recently was charged with a 3rd dui in ten years making it a felony. the first of the 2 prior convictions only fell within the 10 year mark by 24 days. additionally the arresting date of the first conviction was outside of the 10 year mark of the most recent arresting date. i'm looking to get the felony dui charge reduced to a misdemeanor dui charge or a wet reckless charge in a plea bargain. is that possible?
Sure is possible with the prosecutor's blessing. probable who knows?
How can I take care of a DUI (OUI) from Alaska while being in Florida?
I have done my jail time and was released. Now, I need to know the following steps to become a real human being again. Can someone please direct me???
Your question is rather vague, but I'll attempt to offer some guidance. First, you stated you had served jail time,...
I was rear ended by a drunk driver..
My car is totaled, I have been getting chiropractic treatments for my neck and shoulder. Long story short, I was in a desperate situation with no vehicle and a short timeline to pay off the remaining balance on my auto loan. I accepted what I thought was a decent settlement. I signed yesterday, come today, I find out I have a labral tear. Is there any way for me to get out of the settlement? Any advice is appreciated.
Probably not but contact your attorney if you had one and you should have had one in the first place. No attorney...
I was rear ended by a drunk driver who was operating a vehicle on a revoked license.
I previously discovered that he was convicted 2 years ago for DUI, his fines were pretty high, leading me to believe it wasn't his first time. My car is totaled, from the whip lash , I have been suffering neck and shoulder pain. What is a reasonable settlement offer in this case? I just want the insurance company to be fair and act in good faith. I really would like to settle this on my own if possible, but If the adjuster isn't willing to play nice, I have no choice but to obtain an attorney.
This ended up in the criminal defense forum and it is not that. You need to consult with a personal injury attorney...
I had a blood level of .051 of morphine and was charged with an OUI. Is this a low enough level to try and take it to trial?
I'm in Alaska, they found 3 5 mg pain pills no script in the passenger side door so I'm facing an OUI and possession(felony). This is my second DUI/OUI but first drug charge.
What you need to do, as is the case with most people who ask questions here, is to go see and hire a criminal defense...
Can i get my licence back without doing asap AGAIN!
I've been thru several 'treatment places, spent 1000's of $. Somehow, someway they don't pass me. (Flimsy/even false reasons.) I Haven't got in any trouble for almost 10yrs. I can't afford it again. Plus it doesn't/didn't work.
I am not licensed to practice in Alaska, but it would still be tough to answer your question is I were without more...
A drunk driver hit me and they don't want to fix my car. What should I do?
Insurance company said that my car was a total loss, however, it's fixable. and also, it's not my fault, it was the other driver's fault.
The drunk driver is responsible for all damages caused by his/her negligence. In Alaska, this includes economic...