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Is there any chance to get into Canada with multiple DUIs for a weekend.
I want to attend a family wedding in Canada Spring 2018 but have 4 DUIs in 12 Years. Currently I still have a Felony DUI On my record. Is there any chance I can attend this wedding. I want to go through the right legal procedures. Also, an estimate in costs would be helpful. Thanks
Good chance you will NOT be admitted to Canada. That might be rather embarrassing with the family. In the meantime,...
How hard is to get a DUI charge dismissed by claiming there was no probable cause for an arrest?
By probable cause, I mean the standard of evidence needed for a DUI arrest. The officer claims I had slurred speech, bloodshot eyes, a strong odor of alcohol, an unsteady gait, that I stumbled when I exited my car, and that I was going to fall down, but that she prevented me from doing so. I subpoenaed the body-worn camera and the dashcam footage from the patrol car and none of her claims were true. The only two possible accusations that could possibly be true are that I had a strong odor of alcohol on my breath and that I had bloodshot eyes, but I have reason to doubt those claims. That's because I brushed my teeth before driving and the street lamps were emitting a red-orangish color, so of course, that's going to make my eyes appear bloodshot. There was no bad driving, I got pulled over for driving without headlights and I didn't take any FST's or blow into the PAS device. My question is, considering the circumstances of the arrest, is it possible to dismiss the DUI charge because of the lack of probable cause for an arrest. I have a legal studies degree from UC Berkeley, so I was hoping to show the DA and the DMV that the officer lied and convince them not to file charges.
As in any DUI prosecution, Probable Cause for DUI Arrest to stop the driver of a motor vehicle may be an issue in a...
II was sentencex to do 10 days cal trans . I have not completed the 10 days yet due to medical reason but I want to pay to get ?
I was sentenced to do 10 days Caltrans during that time the weather was at 103 degrees I used to get chemotherapy and being out in the hot sun makes me sick so I didn't complete the 10 days also I had two major toothaches but I ended up in the ER for today I have a court date to get an extension will the judge give me the extension I've never had one before
Bring all of your medical records to prove what has been going on with your medical issues. If you bring them, the...
Dui court date on my ticket nov 14th but it’s still not in the court system online what do i do
I got a dui October 1st and my scheduled court date showed nov 14th but I’ve checked the website occourts for Orange County California. And searched by name, date and case ID and nothing what should I do?
I would check every single week for a year. They have a year to file. I had a client with a similar situation and...
DMV question for dui?
What are the DMV consequences of receiving a 2nd dui while still on probation for the 1st dui? I have heard conflicting reports. Does anyone know what this entails? Is there anyway to get a critical need restricted license just to go to work and AB38 classes. The law on this is a bit convoluted. Thanks.
complex confusing area. impacted by dmv and court convictions. if dmv proves probation violation, then i year...
What kind of assistance do you offer
What kind of assistance do you offer i'm a first-time offender for a DUI and I lost my job and have no money to pay for DUI class I need financial assistance can you help
Lawyers are unlikely to lend potential clients money, however maybe a friend or family member will help you....
If I testy again a friend who was pulled over for a dui and isn't a citizen could this affect me as I have a prior dui?
I have informal probation still for my past dui and if I testify against my friend will I be incriminating myself and get into legal trouble myself
Your question is NOT clear. Apparently, you have a prior conviction for DUI and are on probation. Are you testifying...