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Can you refuse probation on a 2nd DUI in Skagit County in Washington State?
I am not looking to retain legal representation as I'm indigent and forced to use the public defender. I use Marijuana for medical reasons that do not fall under the legal definitions of Washington and fear more trouble if denied access as per the rules of probation. I feel confident that I can control myself in the confines of my cell for the maximum sentence however I know added fines and sentencing for probation violations could exceed the original sentencing terms. I get what I did was wrong and am willing to take the punishment but not over the course of however long they keep me under their thumb. I really feel I'm on a slippery slope into a life of absconding from justice if I'm forced into it. Please help! Can't I just do the maximum and then leave with only fines to repay Was?
I really don't understand your question. You can have the court deny probation and sentence you to the max sentence....
Im on probation for domestic violence,and i just got a dui what will happen to me.?
i got arrested for dui last night im already on probation for a different offence,and i didnt show up for my court date today what is going to happen
You need to talk with you PO at once and you may find you violated your probation. You are going to need a lawyer ASAP...
How do I get my license back? When I got a DUI ten years ago
How do I get my license back, when I got a DUI ten years ago I went to treatment then and never tried till now to get my license back but DOL won't give me one because the treatment center only keeps records for 8 yrs and I don't have money to pay for more treatment now and wouldn't it be double jeopardy for them to make me do it now. I already paid for the crime 10 years ago?
"wouldn't it be double jeopardy for them to make me do it now". No, it is your responsibility to prove that you have...
Please help me.
Had dui, spent 15 days in jail, quit drinking and did the alcohol classes they required, did everything as was told. The place that I check in for alcohol just told me this was my last class this week. I went to get my drivers license and they say I took the wrong class...I did exactly as I was told. Now they say I have to take this other class and get a blow and go on the car...I am trying to do exactly as they tell me but they keep changing what they want me to do...what recourse do I have. I have gone back to school so have no income, getting straight A's and ready to graduate, have a hopeful job opportunity in next couple weeks. Can you direct me? I am pretty discouraged.
See your Probation office and make an appointment with your lawyer form the case and get this squared away.
How high will a breathalyzer blow after eating live sauerkraut? Also, two day old fruit in sparking water after a burp?
I've had my interlock go off on a fail after I've eaten a tempeh rueben which consists of yeast, bread, fermented cabbage, and 1000 island. All of which (except the 1000 island) are said to make my breathalyzer fail. I have to eat in my car and my water always has fruit in it. Sometimes 2 days old since it still has flavor. Or I drink sparkling water which makes me burp (both fruit, fermented fruit and burps make a bac higher) obviously all of those failed but, how high of a fail is it? I just shut the car off after a fail and get a ride or walk. I don't have time to wait for retests at times. I am also afraid it will fail again as I'm driving down the road and don't want to deal with that whole process as I'm always late everywhere I go. It failed after a vitamin I had as well that apparently contained 20% alcohol. As well as anbesol for my toothache which contained 40%. NONE of those were on the DO NOT CONSUME list. I've had alcohol warnings for perfume spray that I automatically did as its a routine to do in my car, kombucha and chips. How do I find out how high those foods are and if I will be violating the pretrial agreement? Lifesafer doesn't give patrons the reports.
I have never read a study that Quantified any of the things that you are talking about. So there is no answer for what...
What deals are commonly offered by the prosecutor in this situation?
I crashed my car. When the cop showed up I refused the first breathalizer and took one when he brought me to the police station. It was .045 BAC. I have no previous DUIs. I did have one previous misdemeanor which has been dismissed through the Washington State compromise of misdemeanor. A public defender told me that the prosecutor will probably give me a good deal regardless because it's my first DUI. I would like to travel internationally someday and am concerned about the DUI being permanently on my record.
Based on a .04 you should not be looking at a plea to DUI. Any competent attorney who concentrates their practice on...
What are the consequences of violating my reckless driving probation with a new DUI charge? Should I tell my probation?
A year ago, I received a reckless driving conviction (reduced from DUI), and am currently on probation in Snohomish County. 6 months ago I was arrested for another DUI. I'm currently on active probation with Skagit County for the latest DUI incident, and am also actively pursuing a deferred prosecution. I haven't heard anything from Snohomish County about my new DUI incident. Should I tell them before they contact me? What are the probation violation consequences of this new DUI arrest? Will a deferred prosecution help me avoid penalties in a probation violation hearing? Do the probation violation penalties in RCW 46.61.5055(11) apply to reduced reckless driving convictions like they do for DUI?
I am not licensed to practice law in Washington State, so out of respect for any experienced attorney licensed in WA...