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What is the punishment for being cited for not having an IID installed while on diversion?
I have successfully passed treatment, paid all my fines, but I recently got pulled over and cited for not having an IID in my car. Will they take me off diversion/ what are the consequences?
assuming that is a condition of your diversion,I would opine you would have an uphill battle to remain in diversion........
I have an ignition interlock device on one of my vehicles, can I l drive my other vehicles without a device?
Ignition Interlock Device required for two years. I was told that I could drive our other vehicles without the device as long as one vehicle had it installed.
No. You're not allowed to drive without an interlock under this scenario. There are circumstances when you can get a...
For how long my DUI Diversion program will remain in my driving record? Is this entry used against me by my insurance company?
Clean driving record. Never had any problems with alcohol.
Forever. Your DUII Diversion will remain on your driving record forever. People can easily order a 10-year "court print"...
Can I have my DUII misdeamener expunged It's been 5 years as of may 9 2014.Date of conviction was May 9,2009.carried CDL.For bus
On May 9 2009 I remember going to bed.Next thing I know I'm driving my car.Then I remember someone telling me to stay with them.I was unaware of what I was doing.Didn't find until about a year later that I was having what Doctors are classifing as amnesia seizures.I was arrested and because I had a CDL for school Bus.and I legally took Methadone for severe pain.I was charged with a DUII.Probation for 2 years and mandatory 48 hours in jail.This was 5 years ago,due to this misdemeaner I'm having a hard time getting a job.I work in the medical field as a CNA/Med Aide.How can I get this removed forever,where do get the papers
Unfortunately, Oregon law does not allow for DUII and other traffic crimes to be expunged. The only way traffic crimes...
Second probation violation in Oregon. Jail time?
So in 2012 my boyfriend was arrested for a dui and reckless endangerment. He was placed on enhanced bench probation and got a violation for not paying his fines and it was extended. He then posted if all of his fines and finished his classes but when he was supposed to get off they told him they were extending it further because someone quit and paperwork was lost. So he continued but he was upset because of it and once he thought he was off he was asked to come in for a meeting and was randomly tested and came up dirty for marijuana. Because of it they extended it until December 2016. He now has a court date and we are afraid he will get jail time but he works more than full-time and supports his mother, sick grandfather, as well as myself. Is there a way to avoid jail?
The best way to try to avoid jail, is to retain an attorney that can be fully familiar with the facts, and will be able...
I have a court date tomorrow for a DUI I got a few days ago in McMinnville, OR. I'm a tourist from CA. How should I handle this?
I'm on vacation here and got arrested for DUI. My court date is tomorrow at 10 a.m. I read on the website that I might be able to reduce my penalties and fees. Is that true? If so, how? I may be in really big trouble because in 2011 I received my first DUI ever, in California, where I live Do I need an attorney right now to represent me? I understand that Oregon law does not allow any form of plea bargaining for DUIs. Is that the absolute truth? I also am under the belief that the OR court may revoke my driver's license for a year. Of course, that would be disastrous for me. Thank you for your help.
I am sorry you got in trouble while visiting Oregon. You will need to either hire privet attorney or if you are...
I passed my random drug test can I be tested again days later
They said it was random but later said the got a note stating I was doing drugs.I passed my drug test.Can I be tested again days later
Well, it depends. Who was testing you and why? Was this as part of a treatment program? Was it part of your probation...