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I refused to sign the paper that stated he slapped and punched me twice which absolutely didn't happen. I have absolutely no marks anywhere and they went off statements that a bunch of drunk guys told the cops
If you are the victim and will not press charges or corroborate the prosecution's case, it is unlikely the case will go...
What happens if I don't show up . Do they issue a warrant in FL or does it just stay in WI .
Failure to appear will result in a default judgment of conviction being entered against you and the forfeiture of the...
I was convicted of injury with a motor vehicle while intoxicated. I have served my jail time and have been on probation for 7 1/2 years. I have compiled and completed all requirements except pay off my restitution. I have been told time and again by the judge at the sentencing and my PO that if I made a good effort ( make my 200 monthly payment ) that I wouldn't get extended. The PO I had for 7 years saw no problem letting me off now I have a new one and they want to extend me 2 more years. I have also been on minimal supervision for the last 4 years. Please help
The only way that an attorney will be able to help is if you retain one. It appears that you recognize that legal...
I got an owi citation for a prescription I was taking. At the time I was arrested I was not driving I was at a local church with my son picking up operation bootstrap gifts. They called the police. I failed 2 sobriety tests. They took me to the hospital for a blood draw. I have a public defender and he wants me to take the agreement of owi w/passenger? I do not want to take this plee but he is pushing me to do so. I have never even gotten a parking ticket? They even want an interlock system which i told him is ridiculous. I was not drinking. I think they are grasping at straws. The medication was fioricet. I am now doing my own searching for a defense, before I sign the plea.
Well, for starters, there's a misconception that OWI only means "Operating While Intoxicated." In fact, OWI can also...
Will this count as a 6th DUI in Wisconsin? Or do they stay seperate? Will this affect my probation?
The first question is whether the ATV meets the definition of a motor vehicle under WI law. Off the top of my head,...
I got an underage not too long ago, I have not paid for it quite yet but it's not due till later, is this a crime? Should I list this on my application for a job?
Underage alcohol in Wisconsin is not a crime.
I pleaded no contest and was found guilty. The police report and how I remember the events are different. I was trying to accept my punishment like a good citizen; accept the fine, install the car interlock, and drive on an occupational license. Now the DMV tells me that my occupational license is invalid for 30 days. I will lose my job as the sole earner for my family if I can't drive. Any help or attorney referals appreciated.
First, are you sure you are not charged with a refusal? The way you would be able to tell is by looking at the...