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What is the statute in Wisconsin that prohibits DWI checkpoints?
I seem to find new bills trying to be passed to make DWI checkpoints legal, but I cannot find the Statute number that prohibits a police department from conducting DWI checkpoints. Everything I have looked up just says that there is a statute but there is not a reference number to go along with this statement. is this statement true?
Not sure about a statute, but there are no OWI check roadblocks in the state. Having moved here from another state...
Is there a statue of limitations of my OWI (3) case?
I was arrested for OWI (3) back in October 2011. After several pretrials and motion hearings the jury date was scheduled for this coming July 2014. This date was set several months ago but now the DA is saying the officer is unavailable for that date (the officer works in a different state now), so the DA is going to dismiss the case and then re-file the case. I know double jeopardy probably does not affect this case but is there a statue of limitations on this, is there anything I can do?
The statute of limitations for misdemeanors is three years. As long as the case is filed before October, 2014, the...
Do I have to pay reinstatement fee in MN before obtaining WI driver's license?
I got a DUI in MN in 2002. All my reinstatement requirements have been met except payment of reinstatement fee. Which my original paperwork from MN DPS says $295, now it's $695. Recently moved to WI and want to obtain my DL.
Normally. your privilege to operate will not show valid until you reinstate your license. The problem is if you try to...
Can I be charged for admitting to drinking and driving in WI three years after the fact?
i have one previous dui in 2004
It depends upon a number of possible factors (not included in your question) that should be explored with a local dui...
My wife is 21, i'm 20, can i drink in the bars in minnesota??
my wife recently turned 21 and while we live in wisconsin where this law allows me to drink with her in the bars, i'm wondering if this same law applies in minnesota. i'm asking due to the unclearness of the minnesota statutes.
Minnesota does not permit a person under the age of 21 to consume alcohol. However, it is an affirmative defense that...
What will happen with a 2nd DUI offense with a positive Delta-9-THC blood level ?
In 2009 I was charged with a DUI (Ambien) which was prescribed to me. I lost my license but got it back. I was just charged with a 2nd offense Operating with restricted controlled substance. My blood level was 4.7 ng/ml of delta-9-THC. I am scared of going to jail please let me know what could happen. I go to court for a preliminary June 8th thank you.
Preliminary hearings are for felony cases. A second offense OWI is not a felony. Is 6/8 your initial appearance? Or...
Dui in two different states 4 years apart. What to expect?
I recieved a dui in St Charles Missouri 4 years ago. I just recently. got a dui in Janesville Wisconsin. What should I expect? As in fines, suspension of licence and or jail time?
Jail time ranges between 5 days and 6 months. Your driver license could be suspended 12-18 months. You'll have to...