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Dui Refusal
I was charged for a refusal by DMV for not completing the breath test even if one of the blows on the print was .09 On the other hand the DA is only charging me for dui with BAC of .09 when Title 17 was not even followed. Can you suppress that .09? and if they decide to bring up the refusal can you challenge that the .09 reading proofs that the test took place? even if the officer aborted the breath test too early just so he can do a blood test instead and subject refused due to abnormal bleeding? Police officer entered the wrong time into the alcotest 9510 as the starting point of the observation but at that time we hadnt arrived to the station yet. Btw I have the police station videos as proof of all these discrepances. Pls Advice. Thank you.
Title 17 is not applicable in the court; it is only applicable in an administrative hearing such as a DUI admin per se...
DUI in India -> DL in California
Hi, I have a single DUI conviction on my license back in India. I am in California on a L2 visa at the moment. Will it be a problem for me to get a new drivers license (category C), here in California ? Thank you.
That is an excellent question. Usually driver's license inquiries are limited to the united states, however it may...
As I asked eAllier about Dui probation
I have other issue that I may have to move to a different state so what are other options to get my license in a new state and what will happen with my unfinished DUI 18 months program.and what are the steps that I will need to take to initiate the process
If you don't finish your alcohol program, you'll have to wait for 2 years from the date of conviction to file a 1650...
Are the terms DUI and DWI same thing in California?
Legally speaking, are DUI and DWI the same thing in California? I have seen two terms used interchangeably but I also found out that in certain states, two are legally different. Thanks in advance.
California uses the abbreviation DUI. Some other states use DWI
What's the legal authority that nonresident DUI defendants can take online DUI classes?
I pled no contest to DUI, and was ordered to take 3-month FOP. Because I don't live in California and don't have a California license, I asked the Court's permission to take online class. The judge said she wants me to brief her on legal authority that the Court can permit online class for nonresident. I can't find any.
It sounds like you're representing yourself, which is a terrible idea. Retain an attorney to handle this.
I was stopped of a suspected DUI with BAC blood 0.085.What are the chances of getting it dismissed assuming it was legal stop???
The police officer has also charged with of delaying an officer because I failed to stop right away. I pulled over as soon as I heard the siren , and the distance between the lights and siren was turned on and the stop is less than 0.1 mile (500 feet). What are my options in fighting this?
It's unlikely the Santa Clara District Attorney's office will not file or dismiss it, but they may well be willing to...
Can I apply for expungement of second DUI on my record?
Can I apply for expungement if I have 2 DUI's on my record?
Assuming you've completed probation successfully (on both) you can file a PC1203.4 Petition for Dismissal. There's no...