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I have a dui with no referral and want to start my dui classes?
I got a dui in Gilroy CA and i lost my referral and i live in riverside CA and i can't start my classes without a referral help please.
Go the any DMV office and ask for your form H6, personal driving record, and take that to the school. They are required...
Is driving a motorcycle in California without an M1 endorsement a misdemeanor or infraction?
The officer cited me for 12500a even though I have a valid CDL. I think he should have to cited me for 12500b. I'm not sure.
It can be charged as either an infraction or a misdemeanor. It does sound like the ticket should have been written for...
Out of state DUI class waiver? 1650 waiver packet?
In 2004 I got a 2nd DUI in California. I had a Nevada license. In 2001 I got my 1st DUI in CA with a California license. I moved to TN and applied for 1650 waiver packet and it was approved. I got my TN license. Then I moved to NV in 2004 and got my NV license. I waited the mandatory 3 years before I could drive in CA. I never asked for my CA license back. So for my 2nd DUI I had a NV license....somehow the 2nd DUI was put on my old CA license and they suspended my CA license. I even showed the police my NV license and it was handed back to me when I got released from Jail. Now here is my problem....I live in China I have a Chinese drivers license. I am moving back to the USA and I want to get a license in Oregon. According to the law I can only get a one time 1650 waiver packet. I noticed the law went into effect since 2005. My DUI was in 2004....but I had a NV license. I paid the fine to CA. Since I had a NV license at the time it should have been a DUI on that license. In NV there is no need for alcohol classes... So how do I get license in Oregon when I move back in July 2018?
Have you contacted the Oregon DMV?
What are the Chances of my boyfriend being released from jail after being remanded at court for tampering with his DUI anklet?
My boyfriend caught a second DUI March 2017 (Mountain View CA). He had court in April and was given a choice of rehab or the DUI anklet. He chose the anklet. He had court again in August. All was well. Had court again in October and was remanded for two reports of tampering with the anklet. He has court again January 2018. What may happen on his court day? May he be released and with parole again?
He'll definitely be released at some point, so chances are very good.
I only received an arrest warrant, no court date? what does this mean?
I got into an accident in August which resulted in a DUI. I was taken to jail and then they took me to the hospital because I was hurt. At the hospital, they released me and told me to look out for my court date in the mail. Last Friday I received a warrant for my arrest to turn myself in, but I never got a court date Or anything. How should I deal with this? Does this mean they are going to throw the book at me?
Retain a local criminal defense attorney to guide you.
Inadmissible because of two DUIs?
I am Canadian currently in the US on TN, I got convicted of DUI before and recently got arrested for second DUI. No injuries no accidents . Will this make me inadmissible on health grounds when I try to reenter the US? Thanks
This is an immigration and visa question. Pass to the immigration area.
What are my chances of H1b visa being stamped if I have been convicted of 2 duis?
First dui 2015 - 0.08 bac level - stopped for speeding -- reduced to wet reckless Was on f1 visa during this time. Visa was auto revoked. Had to re-book an interview and go the medical representative to obtain a new f1 visa. Traveled to India in early 2017 for h1b stamping -- was not referred to the doctor, visa approved within 5 days. Second dui 2017(july) - 0.10 bac -- crashed into an exit rail -- convicted as a first dui as the court did not find my first dui. But I'm still doing the 18 months class for the dmv. Currently on h1b visa. My question is: I am assuming that my visa has been auto revoked again. What are the chances of me clearing the visa interview? Have there been cases where the visa was approved (albeit after the doctor's clearance)? What are some of the measures I can take to help my case?
This is an immigration question. I'll edit the practice area. You need to stop getting DUIs though. Download the...