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Pi my husband was convicted of state jail felony sentence to a year is if to late to ask for the 12.44a?? H
It's a dwi w child under 15 in car, state jail felony, but his lawyer nev r mention 12.44 a. I am now learning about it but afraid may be to late we want him to stay here at county get 2 for 1 instead Goin stare ur day for day.. is there a firm I can file. ..his charge should have even got convicted he was on medicine his doc prescribed and his doctor has offered to write judge and any statement necessary stating that the medicine has had these type of effect on many people , anu information would be so appreciated we have a baby who needs her dad. Thanks
I'm going to retag the question for you........
DWLI 2nd offense (Charged as first) due to surcharge payment. Can I get this dismissed by just going to the courthouse?
I live in Texas and had a DWLI dismissed last year because I was improperly notified and didnt have a lawyer. Basically the same thing happened this year however I paid the surcharge 24 hours prior to being pulled over and didnt receive notification that my license was suspended until Monday 3 days later and my license was actually valid at that point. I drive for my job and cant have another charge on my record. Can I get this dismissed before my court date by just going in? I do have a previous Conviction from when 5 years ago so this one will be enhanced in the courtroom but I think the officer knew it was BS and gave me a first offense charge.
If you wish, you can go and see if you can manage a favorable resolution. If not, you will need to hire a local lawyer...
What are my chances of being granted early termination?
Im on min probation for 1 yr & everything is complete (classes and fines paid). is there anyway i can file 4 early termination? and what are the steps i need to take? my offense was attempted deadly conduct.
Yes. It is possible, and there is certainly no harm in trying. Just file a writtne request with the court. No...
If i switched seats in a traffic stop an got charged dwi?
I was awaken by my boyfriend to switch seats cuz he had no license i was intoxicated on fake medication witch my boyfriend had bottles for. I was then charged with dwi an possession of a dangerous drug,which where in my boyfriends name.
there is going to be a video of the stop. If seats were switched it will be on the video. Get an attorney.
Dps dismissed my DWI case but I was convicted and put on probation in Texas do I still need to send Dps DWI class Certificate?
blew under the legal limit dps did not suspend license case dismissed with them dwi class only court ordered for Probation compliance don't know if dps will still request a copy I was still convicted of dwi through court only no dps. I want to take the classes online which is acceptable if not needed by dps just wondering since dps dismissed my case maybe they would not need it.
There is a difference between a DWI case filed with the criminal court,s and an administrative license suspension...
3rd dui in texas will it be jail time?
My husband was arrested with his 3rd dui he also broke probation his a resident of the united states will he get jail time and will he be deported to mexico. We are not legally married.
You can count on him being deported. Immigration is an extremely complex and technical area of law. This is not merely...
When can you apply for a motion for non disclosure for reckless driving in the state of Texas?
I was arrested for DWI in Brazoria County and plead guilty to reckless driving. I received a year straight probation. According to Texas State law section 411.073 and House Bill 3016 which will go into effect September 1st 2017 I will potentially qualify to submit a motion for nondisclosure. I just do not understand how long I have to wait to submit the motion though. Also will my arrest be sealed along with my charges if the motion is approved?
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