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HHow do u get a public intoxication with out any sobriety test breathalyzer urine test hair test or any test?
Jogging down road.stoped and cuffed and thrown in back of cop car
Could be by visual observation of the officer. The other tests you mention are mainly when someone is operating a...
Can i get the cdl with dui
i have a court date in 2/28/2017 in ky my breath test result .022% can i find lawyer cheap , please i need help 6158281933
That's high. Lawyers can't solicit you in this forum, but most take credit cards
Can I expunge any of my old DUIs with the new misdemeanor expungement laws in Kentucky?
I am an alcoholic in recovery. I have multiple DUIs in the state of Kentucky, all of them misdemeanors. I got 4 between the years of 1998 and 2007 but they were spaced out so all were misdemeanors and no felonies. I got sober and did well until I fell off the wagon in 2013 and got my 5th and final misdemeanor DUI. With the new 10-year window, I realize my 2013 DUI is not eligible for expungement for another 6 years. I was wondering about my old DUIs, the ones from 2007 and prior. Can they be expunged? I'm over 3 years sober now and have gone back to school and will finish my new degree in about a year's time. With multiple DUI's on my record, I'm scared to death it's all been for nothing and I'll be lucky to get a job flipping burgers.
In 6 years, you will be able to expunge all of them. Just stay sober and stay out of trouble. Call a lawyer 10 yers...
Will I have to take the aa classes
ive heard that their is a statue of limitations for dui I paid my fine went to the madd thang just don't want to do the aa thang Id rather just pay what ever the sum would be than do the aa I here after 8yrs you can get your license back without doing classes
No way to know as none of us lawyers have your case and our guesses won't help you. Ask your lawyer. Good Luck.
Will my insurance go up or will i lose and insurance claim if i was in a wreck that wasnt my fault but charged with a DUI after?
I was going down the interstate and a multicar pile up happened which resulted in me hitting one of the cars left in the middle of the road with no one in it and no lights on. No one was stopping traffic. I switched lanes out from behind a semi and struck the already wrecked car. No one was in it and no injuries happened. I contacted the police and once they showed up they tested me and i blew a little over the limit. The crash wasnt my fault but with the DUI will the other persona insurance pay for my wrecked car since again it wasnt my fault?
A DUI conviction invariably causes insurance premiums to rise.
What happens when someone gets an out of state dui conviction and leaves that state back to where they reside?
Revoked/ suspended license
Each case depends upon its own unique set of facts. Nothing happens if you do everything that you are required to do as...
On a first DUI aggravated .if I don't do dui driver's classes. How long will I have to wait before I can get my driver license b
Just want to know how long I have to wait before I can get my license back if I don't take the DUI classes
If you don't take the classes you will wait forever. Classes are mandatory.