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  • Church responds to reports about former minister

    Yesterday | via Altus Times 

    The former pastor of the Elm & Hudson Church of Christ, Tom Bailey of Altus, was arrested Tuesday, Dec. 16 on a complaint of Child Sexual Abuse. He has since been released from the Jackson County Jail on a $100,000 bond.


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  • Former pastor arrested for child sexual assault

    Tuesday Dec 16 | via Altus Times 

    A former Altus pastor was arrested on a felony warrant Wednesday afternoon, Dec. 17, on a complaint of Child Sexual Abuse. According to Police Chief Tim Murphy, after a referral from The Oklahoma Department of Human Services in early December, an investigation was conducted by Altus Police which resulted in the arrest of Tommy Lynn Bailey, 56, of Altus.


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Altus Law

have interlock on personal vehicle, driving company truck late in evening and got a ticket for driving under suspension. also have letter from boss refusing to allow interlock in company truck
The bottom line is you need counsel. If your prior counsel was retained, place a call to counsel. If you had appointed...
I got a DUI in CA and finished all requirements and paid all fines except for the 1st offender program which is a 9 month program. I applied and received the 1650 waiver packet after moving to OK where I've received my OK license. Almost 3 years has passed and I was originally going to return to CA to complete my classes ( since the CA DMV will never accept an out of state program) Due to expenses and many other factors I don't wish to return to CA anymore for I have settled down in OK. What I wanted to know was what are the consequences of not returning to CA besides losing driving priviledges in CA? I looked in SD County and see that i still have a bench warrant even after applying for the Waiver. I wish to avoid having to make a trip to CA altogether. Thanks for any info
You need to place your inquiry in front of attorneys licensed in California. You can do this by contacting arvo support...
i was told to take a breathalyzer, but not sure if the video is still available at the police station to show and hear the officer tell me i had to.
IF you have already been convicted, the court will not look at new evidence now. Did you have a lawyer when you were...
Any time within a couple of years from original date of offense.
My son got a DUI in 04/13 and signed a plea agreement. His attorney was also his boss at a restaurant. He closed the business without paying my son which started an avalanche of financial problems, then he didn't show up at his hearing. He wasn't offered a public defender, even though he was unemployed, and for the most part homeless. He didn't know what to do, but he's been told if he puts myself on the docket they will put him in jail. A bench warrant has been issued. My son has been diagnosed with a mental illness, and he wasn't taking his medication when he signed the plea deal. This has sent him into a spiral and he makes his living with his car, so this has truly devastated his life.
Your son should engage counsel prior to surrendering on the warrant.
I said no to a breathalyzer (dumb on my behalf), bad tribal knowledge led me to that decision. At the police station I read a card that stated that I would lose my license for 6 months, I was okay with that. I don't remember reading anything about an interlock for an additional 18 months after the 6 month suspension or I probably would have complied. In any case, I don't plan on being in Oklahoma these full 2 years. I know the revocation will be recognized but I can't find any information regarding this Erin Swezey Act.
If you have a suspended OK DR then you will not be able to obtain a TX DL until you can show you are cleared in OK.
3 dui 2 stolen vehicle..prior to this docket I have no record
You should contact an experienced criminal defense attorney in your county for a consultation and assessment of your case.