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Would I still need a sr22?
I live in california and eventually going to move to oregon. I got a dui without even having a license. It's been over 5 years going on 6, would I still need a sr22?
Typically, DMV requires SR22 for three years.
Could I get a DUI if I admit I was drunk alone a case
My ex hit my car one night and he is being charged with assualt with a deadly weapon forced gbi. If I admit I was drunk the night it happened. Could I get in trouble and get a DUI?
First of all, why would you want to admit any such thing. Secondly, you should consult, privately, with an attorney...
How much time will I spend in jail for a dui?
Charged with a dui & speeding they also caught me on video.
Under the law, the max for a first time DUI is six month. Whether you get any jail at all will depend on the facts of...
Can I get my dui off DMV if the DA drops my case?
I was arrested in September of 2015 in California. A year went by and all the da kept saying is they needed more info from CHP. I recently got a notification in the mail that said CHP is no longer looking at my case. I'm trying to pick up the pieces now, because I am a driver by profession. Any help or advice would be much appreciated.
Did the DMV suspend your license?
In California if you have a prior DUI will you get another DUI just for being a passenger in the car with someone who gets a DUI
Someone told me since I have a dui if I get pulled over in California while I'm drunk in the passengers seat that I will get another dui if they get pulled over for a dui
"Someone" is wrong. One of the essential elements of a DUI is driving. If you're not driving, you cannot be DUI. If...
California DUI DMV APS hearing
I've been active on this site and I've spent a lot of time researching APS hearings at the CA DMV. Aside from the other facts of my case, I was found sleeping in my car. I allegedly admitted to driving but there's no audio evidence. Now, it's my understanding that in order for my .08 BAC to be admissible as evidence for the APS hearing it had to have been taken within 3 hours of me driving. I've read the police report and the officer that claims I admitted to driving (which I didn't) never indicates a time of driving. I thought this would be enough for my lawyer to get my APS suspension set aside. Problem is my lawyer didn't try to rebut the rebuttable presumption during my hearing because he didn't think it was a defense that would work. My question is can I appeal if I lose, and should I hire another lawyer in that case?
You can request a departamental review by the DMV or appeal by administrative writ of mandamus. Departamental review is...
Can I get cdl with three duis
3rd over five years old, first and second are 7+ years
It depends. Go to DMV and ask. You may be required to complete DUI classes before you're eligible for a license. DMV...