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Is there any chance to reduce a 2nd offense OWI to a 2nd 1st offense OWI in La Crosse, WI?
I was cited a 2nd offense OWI recently in La Crosse, WI, which was 9 years and 50 weeks apart from the 1st OWI (4/2/05). I have a very good job which could be at risk, and would like to avoid incarceration at all costs (or minimize to 48 hours). Would any lawyer in the area be able to reduce this to no jail time? Thank you in advance for your responses.
Because your OWI arrest was within 10 years of the previous OWI arrest date (conviction dates are irrelevant) you are...
Can I get my underage drinking ticket reduced to a non-alcohol offense by attending my court date?
20 years old without an prior offenses
Maybe. In a lot municipalities a first offense ends with a diversion. You take a class, don't commit any crimes for...
Two dui's in wisconsin prevent RN licensure?
Both duis were received in 2008 and 2009. I am currently a 2nd year nursing student and am worried about licensing. I have been attempting to contact the board of nursing in regards to this issue with no response. I guess I am wondering if there is anything I can do to ensure I can take my licensing exam and what will my job outlook be like. Thank you
I would contact a licensing attorney in Wisconsin. I am not licensed to practice law in Wisconsin, however, I can tell...
I got arrested and ticketed under the absolute sobriety law because I fell asleep in my car at a gas station waiting for my ride
I'm 19. They said they have it on tape of me driving into the gas station. I had gone into the bathroom and when I came out the officers were waiting for me. I asked if i could call my mom and they said no. They gave me a field sobriety test (which they said I failed) and I blew a .082 initially and they put me in handcuffs and took me to give blood which showed a .062, So I was processed (as I was balling my eyes out the entire time b/c I'd never been arrested). I don't understand that if this was just a "traffic ticket" they told me, why was I arrested? I wasn't in my car when the police came, I hadn't done anything. I had just fallen asleep waiting for my mom after working, school, and hanging out with stupid guys that used me.
It is unclear from your question whether you drove or not. If your car was parked there all day and you merely napped...
My first dui conviction is on my mvr, but the clerk of courts and ccap has no record. can it still be used against me?
My first dui conviction is on my mvr, but the clerk of courts and ccap has no record. can it still be used against me? I am currently fighting a third offense charge. Thank you.
Yes, it is likely that the first conviction can still be used against you for purposes of sentencing. You should...
Can I really be charged with a 3rd offense DUI? Is it worth fighting?
I have received 2 DUI in my past. 1st at age 18 in 1990 that I should have hired an attorney for but I was young and dumb and could have probably had it reduced because of the circumstances. 2nd in 1997 that I did hire an attorney for. I grew up..have a great life and family and now my past is back to haunt me. I was pulled over 17 years later and charged with a 3rd. I thought my previous ones were gone. Now I am facing some serious expense, jail time, etc. I am far from a "habitual drinker or alcoholic" Do I have options? I appreciate your input. Thank you.
The more DUII's you have on your record, the more serious the potential consequences you have. There may be issues...
My fiancé got a DUI 7 years ago and wants to get a new license. we are moving to California in two weeks. How can he get it back
He hasn't driven for 7 years (cyclist)- and wants to get his license now. What can he do to get it back/ what will they make him do?
He'll be required to pay a reinstatement fee and do whatever he was ordered to do when he was convicted, such as an "...