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  • More charges in child sex case

    Friday Jul 22 | via Altoona Mirror 

    Police in Altoona have expanded allegations against a city man they say sexually abused a girl starting when she was 12 years old. According to court papers filed before Magisterial District Judge Todd Kelly this week, Shane A. Amendolea, 37, of 301 N. Logan Blvd., had his previous sexual assault charges filed June 3 withdrawn and was arraigned on an expanded list of charges that now include involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, indecent exposure and simple assault counts, as well as an additional count of aggravated indecent assault of a person younger than 16 after further investigation allegedly uncovered additional abuse, both physical and sexual.


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Altoona Law

Does a state trooper have to read you your rights when arresting you for a dui
I got arrested for a dui the other day and The officer never read me my rights. And the only paper that I signed was for my blood work.
You signed for permission for blood work. The results will show whether there was alcohol in your body above or below...
Is there a way to figure out if I received an underage drinking citation?
I was drinking at a party, underage, and ended up having to be taken to the hospital because I had too much to drink. I was not notified, as of my knowledge, that I had received a citation and have not received anything from the local police.
Check with the local court and see if they have a case for you. The local court would be the municipal court if inside...
How much total do I have to pay for my citation?
Hello, I live in Altoona, Pa. I'm 18 years old and this is my first offense. I was caught underage drinking and I received my citation in the mail, and it says I'm unable to use epay. I guess I have to mail it, but it doesn't say the total amount. It says "35.50 under item 27. How do I found out the total amount so I can mail it?
An attorney would have to READ the citation in order to give you any kind of meaningful assistance.
Do police have the right to breathalyze passengers when the driver blew a double 0
So we get pulled over for a broken tail light I'm underage an the only one drunk in the car just getting a ride from my friend. The police pull us over breathalyze the driver who blows a double 0 and breathalyzes the 21 year old who owns the car who is also intoxicated... The officer then proceeds to breathalyze everyone in the car and I'm the only one who failed the breathalyzer.. I'm not saying I want to get out of it but were they aloud to do this seeing as the driver was sober and there were no open containers I was just a random passenger.. And btw I was not even asked if I want to take the test or not it was just given to me plus they let the car go with its hanging tailpipe drive away after they kept searching me and my area ??
Were you charged with a crime? The police are allowed to detain the occupants of a vehicle detained so long as they...
Does a judge agree with DA plea deals?
I was recently convicted of my second DUI. I blew on the second tier. My first was pretty bad and lost my license for a year, then lost it for another year for driving without it. My first was nine years ago. The DA agreed to just probation and that I can keep my license. How likely is this? Can a judge over turn their decision?
Judges rarely dont accept negotiated pleas. What you are describing, however, is an illegal sentence. DUIs carry...
Can I be issued a license to carry firearms in pa?
convicted of dui in 1978
A dui is a misdemeanor usually, and would not mean that your right to possess firearms was removed from you. Have you...
What is the ARD program? And what all is involved if you do it and it wasn't for drugs or alcohol?
I'm being charged with falsify information to purchase a gun. I lied on the application. It asked if you were ever committed to a state mental institution which I didn't think that mental health counted because it wasn't a state run mental institution it was just a part of the hospital. Torrance is the state mental facility not Altoona hospital behavioral health. So I really didn't believe the answer to be true. So now I'm being charged with a felony and someone mentioned the ARD program. I thought that was just for drug or alcohol related charges.
Consult with an attorney from Altoona. You may be eligible for ARD in your county. ARD is usually offered to first time...