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I got a d.u.i. march 31 of 2012 i have not done the s.a.t.o.p do I have to before i can get my license . it's been 3 years
I just don't have the money what can i do
We would need more information. Did you receive an sis or ses? Was it a condition of probation? Did you test over?...
Need to know if I can get out of my dwi and other charges
first time offense on anything being charged with fleeing the scene of a motor vehicle accident driving while intoxicated and first degree property damage.
Your best course of action is to hire a criminal defense attorney.
Threatened Imprisonment for "diluted" drug tests in DUI Court program?
Asking for my Uncle. He is in DUI Court and has been at least over a year. He has low creatinine levels, and according to his Dr his body does this naturally. This has been communicated to the court & his PO multiple times and even from the Dr himself on the phone. He has complied with the program in every way and is sober. He has also gotten MULTIPLE blood tests AND hair follicle tests (all paid for by him!) that all come back negative for drug/alcohol use. He presents them with this info over ad over again and yet the courts are still threatening him with prison AND kicking him out of the program which he had adhered too. He was even put in jail last year for maintaining his innocence. He has also written the ACLU. What can he do? He is also supporting a wife and child & has little money
SCRAM can fix this. Have his attorney try to incorporate that instead.
For third DWI is it always a felony
Just received third dwi in st Charles, I am a prior offender
If you have pleaded guilty (even if you received an sis) to two prior dwi offenses then you will most likely be charged...
Is it legal to suspend my license for refusal to submit alcohol or drug test by blood for littering and crossing the center line
I was recently pulled over for littering and crossing the center line the police officer asked me was I on disability I said yes and then she asked me did I take medication I said yes and she asked me to do the eye test the walk the line test and stand on one knee test and I pass and then she still took me down to the station to draw some blood and I Frefused now they are trying to suspend my license is this legal I was recently pulled over for littering and crossing the center line the place officer ass me was at on disability I said yes and then she asked me that I take medication I said yes and she asked me to do the eye test, the walk the line test and stand on 1 knee test and I passed and she still makes me go to the station an tries to draw blood and I refused is this legal
If you refused to give a sample as requested then the DoR will attempt to suspend your license. You need an attorney...
If a person is on probation for property damage, what happens if they blow a bac of.089, will probation be revoked? Other?
Newly on probation for property damage while highly intoxicated. No insurance on vehicle, expired tags. Just started a new job, had been doing well on probation. The person on probation was NOT driving, but was in passenger seat. Lives in central Missouri.
I don't understand who was doing what. However, being drunk on probation is not good. It depends on the person's...
In a DUI situation, will it effect your breathalyzer reading if the officer didn't clean the tip and do a fresh retest.
Wouldn't it be able to prove that the officer had a part in getting the reading he wanted..... If you blow once, twice, 4,5 times into the same mouth piece and leave that residue/condensation in there and re blow, will it collect to a higher BAC reading eventually? This office also has it out for this guy and already has 1 DUI pinned on him. He's going for a second now, same officer. Did the guy have beer that day yes, was he over the limit,. 08, I just dont know, so 90 days in jail, like 2,000 hrs community service, and blower 10 years... Its just terrible, and I just dont know if I trust this officer if that condensation really does matter in the test result, to build it higher each blow to make them blow over the legal limit, they are compliant, and blow everytime asked.
That's hard to answer without talking to your friend and without seeing the reports. Blowing multiple times can affect...