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WHat if i never received a ticket or notice in the mail for a DUI/DWI?
I was in a single person car accident and i received 2 tickets in the mail after the wreck. But never got any other notices, now it looks like i saw online where i have a outstanding warrant for a dui but the address on the name is not mine it is my sister's address, can this happen even tho i dont live with her and the police clearly had my address to where i actually live since they sent me the other tickets. What should i do?
Check your tickets for court dates. Sounds like you missed them and a warrant was issued. You need to contact a local...
Dwi arrest during approved green card petition
i petitioned my husband for green card. i am a us citizen and the petition was approved. he recently got a DWI arrest and has not had court. will this affect the process? what can we do?
Return to your immigraiton attorney with this question. Arrest itself will not by and of itself have any affect on your...
My husband got a DWI arrest two months ago and is in approved petition process for green card. Will this affect his case?
i am a us citizen and the petition was approved. He has not gone to court and we paid the visa center already in December. if we send the paper work to the visa center and we can interview what do we do there? what can we do next?
It might. If he did not yet run to see an immigraiton attorney, make sure he does now.
I'm 19 and received a Ticket for Public Intoxication. Can I go to Physical Therapy school?
The crash involved only my vehicle. I have another ticket for a car crash I was in two years ago.
Was it a public intox or a DWI? It will affect your application process but it is impossible for us to tell what the...
How do you proceed with a DWI Case when a person is in parole?
My boyfriend is on parole and got a DWI. We had 3/4 drinks each. He was given 3 sobriety tests and passed the first 2 and refused the last. There was no breathalyzer given or blood test to determine the amount of alcohol consumed. Because we were in his home town and they ran his record we assumed they were just giving him a hard time. But with so much at stake with this charge no what actions do we take now?
He really has two issues: the DWI & the parole revocation. He would put himself in thr best position to not have his...
DWI expungement questions for Dallas, Texas.
I'm trying to decide if it is worth it for me to obtained my expungement on my own vs hiring an attorney. Here is a list of important points * My DWI was dismissed in October 2015 * I am currently interviewing for a new job, so time is of the essence. * I was quoted $700 to have this done for me, however I see do-it-yourself kits for $199 online (this does not include filing fees of course) * What are the typical court filing fees for this? * how long does it take for the DWI to actually be removed after filing the expungement? Does hiring an attorney speed this up at all? If anyone would like to leave me a quote for this service, it's more than welcomed! Thank you for your time!
You don't provide enough information to determine whether an expunction is currently available in your case. In the...
Can I get a DUI expunged from my driving record?
Need to be able to drive a company vehicle. Insurance will not cover until after 5 years.
You should address this to a criminal lawyer. I will repost there for better results.