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I had a wreck and am prescribed medication no other person was in the vehicle and no one saw the wreck
But someone told the officer they witnessed the wreck so he drew blood at the hospital now I did take my medicine shortly after the wreck due to my severe pain n I told the cop this. The van had a machinal issue that caused the wreck so how do I prove that no one saw the accident. My van was totaled due to the break callapper locking up causing the wreck no property damage only damage was to my vehicle now three n a half months later the cop comes and picks me up and charges me with a dui the officer charged me with careless driving the night of the wreck and I had already paid for it. How should I handle this.
You should hire a good DUI attorney as quickly as possible!!! There was a change in law not to long ago that would...
Husband got arrested for DUI while on probation. What to do?
Husband still in jail until court in 2 weeks, but he is the only one working. got a kid to feed, expecting another one, and bills to pay, can't afford to miss a paycheck...can't afford for a lawyer either. first time having to deal with this, don't know what to do. please give advice
The court does not care if he has bills or children. The only issue is whether he was driving under the influence while...
Can i get my cdl back when my first dui was 21 yrs ago and i get my second was 5 yrs ago.
I got a dui when i was 21 and thats been 21 years ago. I had got my cdl 8 years ago and lost them 5 years ago. I want to know is there anyway that i can get them back. I know several guys that have there cdl after having several duis. I just need mines back so i can take care of my family... Thank you for your time in advance.
You may want to call the good folks at DMV in Tallahassee (850-617-2000). If you follow the rule of the 3 "p"'s (be...
Was there probably cause? Can I use "Terry Stop" &/or motion to suppress? Should I have been given a breathalyzer and a ticket?
Information from affidavit: Stated driver was driving over center lane. Officer continue to observe driving pattern. Officer pulled driver over & asked for license. Driver didn't have license present. Officer stated he smelled alcohol & stated he saw an open container behind passenger seat. Officer ran check on driver & license were suspended (drive did not know this). Drive was placed in handcuffed & placed in the back of police car. Officer searched car and found a stem (pipe). Officer conducted a field test and the kit turned blue. No other substance was found. Driver charged with DWLSR, Poss. of controlled substance and paraphernalia.
The facts you presented do not look great but part of an attorneys role is to find facts that might not seem important...
Will I be charged with dui?
I was involved in a single car accident where I totaled my truck and they are not charging me for any property damage. I don't remember hours before the wreck or hours after. I was told that I let them take a blood sample and there were cops present. I was in and out within an hour. Very lucky and blessed to be alive. The cops let me leave in good well being and I have not heard anything in two weeks. my insurance adjuster informed me that my alcohol test is still pending. Is there any way I could request to keep my medical information private and have the sheriffs office speina the court to get them? And also what can they still do? Am I likely to be charged?
You are indeed very lucky and blessed. You will most likely receive notice of the state attorney's office intent to...
Can my daughter who has a DUI in Illinois move to Florida?
When my daughter was 18 she got a DUI. About 8 years later she got a 2nd DUI. Both were in Illinois. She is now 27 lives in Illinois and is below poverty level. My husband and I are semi-retired. We've heard that it costs thousands. It breaks my heart, I am not in the position to help that way. If she moved here, at least we could make sure she had a place to live, and we could get her to work. Please help us.
This is not a family law question, nor is it really a question appropriate for Florida. You would want to repost it in...
Is there a statue of limitation on being convicted on a dui?
I got arrested 11/6/2011 for a misdemeanor dui 1st offense and it is still in pre-trial. Is there a certain amount of time before they have to throw out the case?
The statute of limitations applies to when a case must be initiated, not concluded. Your case was initiated,...