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By re enrolling into a multi offender alcohol abuse program in Virginia will this satisfy the courts needs in California?
I live in California and I am moving to virginia January 28 2016. I have lost my license due to a dui in august of 2014. At this time I do not have a license and need to re enroll into a multi offender alcohol abuse program by feb. 1st to satisfy the court. I have credit from January to August of 2015 for the classes that I have already attended.
CA Courts will generally accept out of state programs, but the CA DMV will not. It's in your best interest to complete...
I got a second dui, charged with child endangerment. What are my options? single parent.
bac. .11, no body was harmed, pulled over after phone call was made from other driver. Car was not impounded, held for 5-6 hours and released and given car back. No cps was notified or hasn't notified me. Prior incident was about a year and half ago.
You need to get an attorney as soon as possible for this to discuss the case of child endangerment charge can be...
Hi, I got second DUI in 1994, I took a online class for this then found out CA dont except it. can i still go to dmv court.
I want to know why if you go to prision you can get out and get your licsense back. But i went to live in programs and they tell me that dont count that I still have to do the 18 month class. Why ? when I did the class online , and was in program for 1 year at a time and that is what we do there all about drinking and drugs they dont do none of that in prison and they get theres back so what is the difference? its not fair
California DMV has never allowed an online program. The court, however, can accept it and frequently does. But DMV has...
My brother was arrested for a DUI under .08 and has an immigration hold.
He was voluntarily deported back in 2000 when he lost his permanent residency status after being convicted of possession of a controlled substance. He was recently arrested for DUI under .08 and had a small amount of marijuana on him. Ice has an immigration hold. If we can get his charges dropped to a misdemeanor, will Ice remove the hold? What are the circumstances that ICE will release a hold on an person? He returned to the country illegally the next day he was voluntarily removed.
Ice does not remove holds. All the hold does is require that whoever has him in custody contact ice before they release...
Can I register a vehicle with a dui?
I was going to purchase a vehicle in my name, but recently had a Dui. Yes my license was took. My question is will i not Be allowed to register it in my name ? I will not be driving it. My fiancé will.
Ask the DMV. I suspect you will be permitted to register the vehicle if you pay the registration fee (and sales tax)....
Can 2 DUIs affect the road to citizenship?
I got 2 DUIs back in 2000. I am a permanent resident in California. I am thinking of becoming a citizen. I'd like to know if the DUIs can affect or deny my citizenship?
No. Those two DUI convictions can no longer "affect the road to citizenship" iF you had no other convictions after that....
Likelihood of getting DUI charges reduced?
I fell asleep at the wheel and ran into a palm tree, no injuries to anyone. Police showed asked if I was ok, performed field sobriety tests and asked to do breathalyzer. I opted to blood test. Blood test was administered 3.5 hours after I stopped drinking. I had 5 beers over a course of 5.5 hours. First time ever being in trouble. What is the likelihood of getting my charges reduced?
You did not provide enough information to give any answer. Contact an attorney from this list for a consultation. You...