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I have a Florida 5 year revocation for driver license. When I obtain a Florida hardship license, are there other states that would allow me to transfer my hardship license to that state? My husband has terminal cancer and I do not want to remain in Florida after his death. I want to relocate to a state where my relatives live, or at least a nearby state.
That depends on the state where you want to move. Re-post your question in that state's forum.
Got pulled over for speeding on 12/14/13 at 3:00am. Officer asked if i had anything to drink explained i did have 2 beers earlier around midnight. I was exhausted from school and finals all day. I am a fellow marine with PTSD and a bad knee. I refused the breathalyzer. Did the physical tests. The only one i had a problem with is the balancing test due to my bad knee. I was even limping in the jail and the guard asked if i got shot and i explained why. Now my license was automatically taken and suspended. I was not driving drunk. I also got a speeding ticket. Is it worth getting a lawyer and paying fees to fight it? Also will this count as my 2nd DUI in the state of Florida?
Yes, it counts as your second DUI if you earn a conviction. Please hire a Florida criminal defense attorney ASAP (...
My attorney asked a judge for permission for some reason he denied it. what are the chances of me getting caught if I go anyway?
Can anyone really say for sure. Follow your attorneys advise. Not following a judges direct order is never a good thing.
I know I passed the UA, but unsure on the balloon breath test. I had a few drinks the night before, but nothing major and stopped drinking 8 hours earlier. Do I have anything to worry about if they didn't say anything to me about the test? Is that common or do they tell ou if you came up showing signs of alcohol?
If you follow the terms of your probation then you will not have this issue again. For now all you can do is sit tight....
Sentenced to 6 months with suspended license and probation, as well as with other conditions due to a DUI. Per probation, I am not permitted to drive, but my license is supposedly suspended. On the Florida DMV license website, my license number still shows it as VALID and I have not received any notice of suspension in the mail or insurance notification/drop. I'd like to get a hardship license, but I think it would be peculiar applying for one when my current license is still valid. Thank you very much in advance.
You should ask yourself this. I heard the Judge suspend my license. Why has the suspension not shown up. I can think of...
but to be listed in google i dont understand its not right and is unacceptable ?
A criminal conviction is usually a matter of public record and available to the general public. However, there are so...
what can i do i have sent email to google and to the site info and nothing?
Unfortunately a booking photo is a public record. If you were convicted of DUI in the state of Florida, you cannot...