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Had DUI lowered to a speed Ex. But my background check for prospective employer had my DMV MVR- Motor Vehicle Record- show DUI
I had a DUI (.088 blood) charge lowered to a Speed Ex. However, the Van Nuys court accidentally sent the DMV a document saying I was convicted of DUI. It was supposedly fixed the following day from court. I did lose my license for 30 days. My question is, a prospective employer just sent me my background check and on there is my MVR (Motor Vehicle Report) Specifically says SERVICE: Motor Vehicle Report: MVR: Major Violation = DUI or Drug Violation Alone... It ALSO has my Speed Exhibition charge in there so this feels like a double whammy. I called the DMV mandatory action unit and they said according to THEIR records, I was CONVICTED of the DUI and that the Van Nuys court needs to send a letter stating otherwise to fix. Well. Van Nuys says DMV is wrong. I'm stuck in middle. Please Help!
You need to speak to a criminal defense attorney, not an employment law attorney. I suggest you re-post this in the...
Is it possible to appeal a decision on a 1203.4 dismissal?
I got a DUI in 2004. Unfortunately I received 3 more between 08 & 09. I did all of my probation/have been sober for 5 yrs/ completed all aspects of all cases. I got the 3 DUI's (08-09) through 3 different courts dismissed (1203.4). So I was shocked when I was called up for my '04 case & the judge looked at me and asked where was my client. I politely told him I was the person whom he had called. He got really angry &stated that he was not going to rule in my favor and it would be 5 years until he did so. He wouldn't listen to anything I had to say & stated that he felt I was still on probation for the other cases. I am not. When I tried to show him my evidence he threw the paperwork at his clerk and told me I did not understand the statute. Is this fair? Is there anything I can do?
What you need to understand is that a 1203.4 ruling is entirely discretionary on the part of a judge. this means...
Are you allowed to switch lawyers before going to trial on a dui misdemeanor?
My lawyer says they are only offering a "wet" I refused it, and rather go to trial. If I go to trial can I hire a new lawyer even tho they didn't do the plea barging? Is there a such thing hiring a lawyer for trial. I don't feel like my lawyer is giving my case enough attention he never returns my calls, so I'm Kind of skeptical on investing more money and pay him for a trial. He works alone so I understand he has lots of case loads.
You are free to change attorneys.
How to beat DUI in Imperial Sand Dunes, CA?
My son just turned 21 and got a DUI in Imperial Sand Dunes on a motocross bike. The legal limit in the sand is .01 he blew over .08. He lives 4 hours away in Altadena CA 91001. Can he beat this, can we get his license back for work, can we get the case moved locally?
You need to contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer in the area where your son was cited/arrested. I don't...
Sealing juvenile DMV record (DUI)?
I have a DUI conviction from when I was 17. I know that I can petition the court to seal the criminal record of the conviction because I was a juvenile, but can I also seal the DMV record of it? Does the same petition if granted seal both?
This is definitely a question for a good local juvenile attorney in California. You may be able to find a local one at...
How much time will I spend in jail for a dui?
Charged with a dui & speeding they also caught me on video.
Under the law, the max for a first time DUI is six month. Whether you get any jail at all will depend on the facts of...
Can i be disqualified for us citizenship after two DUI arrests
Have two DUI with in ten years, one in 2004 and one in 2010
Unclear. Stop getting DUIs if you want to stay.