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SSecond DUI from 10 years ago? Please help I'm a single mother and I do not drink anymore?
If I got my dui 10 years ago and completed everything back then (classes) is there anyway it can be taken off my record so I can get my license without going through a bunch of hoops? December 14th 2017 will be my 10 mark from the dui I received. Also from this should I have to go through the state hoops in Springfield Il. Should I have to have a breathalyzer in my car sense I got my dui in 2007 ? Because I thought the laws in changed in 2008, after I received mine!??
I'm moving your question to the Criminal Defense category. Someone there will be better able to assist you.
Will my license be suspended in Illinois if I have a street value drug fine reduced to judgement
I was charged with possession of marijuana and a 15000 dollar street value fine but the judge reduced the fine to question is will they take put a hold on my license for not paying it?
Only if it was reported to Secretary of State as having occurred in a motor vehicle.
What are the consequences of a third underage consumption charge?
I recently received my third charge for underage consumption. I have just turned twenty years old and i received my first one when i was 16 and received my second charge about a month and a half ago. For the first charge they fined me 150$ and took my license for three months. For my second charge, they fined me 300$ and i am still waiting on my letter from the secretary of state on weather or not i lose my license. What are the minimum and maximum fines as and penalties i could be looking at for my third consumption charge?
Underage consumption is a Class A Misdemeanor. It is punishable by up to 364 days in the jail and/or a fine of up to $...
If a person refuses the bac test, do the police have a legal obligation to inform you of the consequences of the refusal
I was not told it was an automatic dui conviction if i refused to blow
Refusal to blow is not an automatic DUI.
I was arrested for OWI in IA 5/03 it was dismissed I tried to renew my IL license and cant, IA says I have to take classes etc..
is this possible if the charge was dismissed?
Illinois will not renew your license until you have satisfied all the requirements of Iowa, paid all fees and otherwise...
Can I get an aggravated dui?
Can i be given an aggravated dui for an accident with no other vehicles/witnesses, police came to hospital, submitted to testing, windshield of vehicle was nearly knocked out by driver but hospital didn't check my head at all?
There are numerous ways a MISDEMEANOR DUI can be enhanced to a FELONY or AGGRAVATED DUI. Any DUI with Great Bodily Harm...
How to get a license after you have never had one but got a DUI?
My friend had gotten a DUI back in 2002-2003. They have never had a drivers license from the time they turned 16 to now,30. We are wanting to get them back or attempt to but don't know how to go about this.
Contact the IL DOT and ask what is required to reinstate his license. Even though he/she never had one, the court,...