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Can I be charged with a dui when no sobriety/drug test was executed?
I was pulled over almost 3 yeard ago. Car smelt like marijauna and theu said my eyes were red so they searched it and found 1lb of synthetic marijuana/k2 (which they swore it was pot) in the trunk. They took me to the station, took my phone and $2500 i had on me, realized it wasnt weed and let me go that night. Several months later i recieve a letter saying they seized $900 from me ─║so whered the rest of my money go? No mention of phone) 30 months pass and they issue a warrant and arrest me. The complaint they gave me says, Count 1: that on or about july 30 2016 (the incident happened oct. 2015) i possesed with intent to distribute k2. Count 2 DUI. But they never haf me do field test, no breathilizer, no drug test . How can i be charged for dui? Wheres the rest my money and phone? Why are they so far off on the date in the complaint? Whats statue of limitations for these charges?
All good questions. You need to contact criminal defense attorneys in your area to plan a defense. Good luck to you
Missed a drug test due to being sick
I am on house arrest I call every night after seven and see if I have to drop a UA the next day. I had a scheduled UA and got very sick and didn't make it to my appointment. What can I do?
Hopefully you called and told them about your illness! If not, you need to call them now!
Can the police search your house for a Oui probation violation if they serve an arrest warrant and arrest you
On probation for Oui may have been under surveillance and on video driving on suspended license
Depends on what the warrant says. No online atty can answer that unless they review your terms of probation and have a...
How much time would I have to do
Got 180 days suspended to 2 days in jail and 3 days house arrest and 1 year probation. And now they might have me for 1st driving on suspended
That really depends on if the Court revokes your probation on your other matter. If the Court revokes your probation...
Do you have to make payments on Oui fines every month
Pleaded guilty to Oui in January haven't made any payments yet or turned in any pappers for alcohol classes or interlock system going to turn it all in and pay fine all at once
If you are on Probation, you have probably violated the terms of your probation. I urge you to contact the attorney...
If the police have you on video driving on suspended and they charge you will they arrest you serve you pappers or what
May have been under surveillance for Oui probation and on video driving on suspended in trailer park
Could be any of the above with the most important factor being do the police know they have a video of you driving, do...
Can i still have some hope after a dui and possession of paraphernalia for my daca renewal
I had an accident a few months ago and it was due to driving under the influence. no one got hurt but i was charged witha dui and possession of paraphernalia.. my attorney help me and he said that the charges were going to be expunge after a year as long as i followed the rules of my diversion program..
You need to contact an immigration lawyer as soon as possible. I am switching the forum to immigration so that you...