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Alliance Crime

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  • Drug deal turns to aggravated robbery

    Tuesday Sep 29 | via The Review 

    Afternoon shift officers on the city's police force kept busy Tuesday, culminating their activities with investigation of a drug transaction turned aggravated robbery. Shortly before 9 p.m., Alliance police took Da'Juan Brown, 22, of 755 E. Summit St., and Matthew Lee, 22, of 2521 Shunk Ave., into custody after a couple called police to report that the two allegedly robbed them at gunpoint.


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  • Alliance man takes plea deal in shooting death

    Tuesday Sep 22 | via The Review 

    Fourteen years -- that's the amount of time that an Alliance man accused of shooting Phillip Johnson will spend in Lorain Correctional Institution. Troy Michael Schory, whose last known address is listed as 2156 Westwood Court on court documents, took a plea deal Monday morning in Stark County Common Pleas Court on charges of voluntary manslaughter with a firearm specification.


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  • Crime & Courts Database

    Saturday Sep 19 | via The Review 

    Michael D. Hicks, 46, of 1290 S. Linden Ave., was arrested at 2 p.m. Thursday on a charge of assaulting a police officer after an incident on the steps of Alliance Municipal...


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  • Home invader sentenced to 18 years in prison

    Thursday Sep 17 | via The Review 

    Although investigators still believe there is a third home invader on the lam, his accomplices are taking his identity with them to prison. Stark County Common Pleas Court Judge John Haas sentenced Joseph Avilucea, 19, of 1155 Homestead Ave., to 18 years in prison for his part in robbing a 71-year-old man at gunpoint and slitting the throat of a small dog.


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  • Akron man sentenced to 15 years in Alliance home inv...

    Sep 3, 2015 | via The Review 

    An Akron man arrested in connection with a home invasion in the city's northeast section was sentenced to prison in Stark County Common Pleas Court Wednesday. Kameren W. Naugle, 19, of Akron, entered guilty pleas to charges of aggravated robbery, aggravated burglary, theft of drugs, grand theft of a motor vehicle, having weapons while under disability, failure to comply with an order or signal of a police officer and injuring animals.


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Alliance Law

If someone said something to get you charged. Can they take it back in court?
I was drinking with my girlfriend who is underage( I am of age). Cops busted us. I hadnt bought her alcohol but she says she was drinking the same brand beer that I had in my hand(Bud light). The cops gave her options which involved me and 2 friends going to jail for the night unless she says we bought it. She gave in under pressure and said all 3 of us bought her alcohol so we wouldnt have to go to jail. Now, me and 2 friends are being charged with furnishing alcohol for a minor. If me and my friends say we are not guilty in court, she has to go to the stand. Will it hold up if she explains the situation she was in and that we did not buy for her?
Let the attorney that you hire decide what to do in this case. Get one swiftly, not at the last minute.
If I have a bench warnt in Texas could I get arrested in a Ohio DMV for it
It was a third degree felony
Possibly. It depends on the type of warrant and what the pickup radius is for the warrant. It also depends on if...
What are the typical BAC levels that reveals slurred speech and glossy/red eyes.
I know that it's all subjective however, is there a study that's show percents that people will like have a certain one of these signs based on the BAC?
You're absolutely correct that effects like slurred speech and outward physical changes are going to be subjective....
My husband dont had a licence i usually drive but My bolos pressure was high so i t drink a pild tren My fingers tips was nomme
i stop and give the car to him police stop and he give My husband court day i was at masillon for a week end im from nj but My husband dont have ss
I am sorry but it is very difficult to understand what you are trying to ask. can you re ask the question another way...
I beat a DUI passing tests, Dr note re eye movements, yet "swerving" charge still remained. Can this be appealed?
7/5 I was pulled over for "swerving". In retrospect my friend /passenger (witness) remember my driving was fine. When the DUI charges were dropped I accepted it discounting the "marked lanes" charges. I come to find that this is 2 points on my record. I wonder can this be dropped after the fact. The court did did indeed get their fine and court cost...why wreck my driving record?! Though my current location is Fl, the offense wad in Stark County in OH Thank you 727 505 1081
It sounds like you have already been found responsible and the licensing agency has assessed the 2 points. It is...
How much time am I really looking at when maybe I just need treatment
14 driving convictions 4th dui but first three was 1st cause of law this is my second this year did not do a sobriety test
Your question is a little confusing. If you have three convictions the second two were not firsts. I am assuming you...
Picking an OVI lawyer for a pull-over
I was followed leaving an establishment and pulled over. Done the field sobriety test, done well but still taken to OHP HQ. Given blow test and scored .086, blowing directly after the person before, but changing the mouthpiece. Was told I was pulled over for no headlights and erratic speed change, going from a 45 zone to a 35 zone, which I knew was there, and properly executed. Am 95% positive lights were on, and passenger agrees. OHP was sitting at light facing the other way when I pulled out of lot going the opposite way. Don't feel he was right doing a U turn to follow when he only saw in rear mirror. How do I find a local lawyer to assist with this, and the possibility of getting reduced? Totally clean driving record for last 30 years.
Search on AVVO for an attorney(s) in your area that specializes in criminal defense and particularly DUI charges....