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What do i need to do to get rid of an underage drinking ticket?
I was given a ticket for underage drinking, they did not breathalize me or test me, also had beer near me but no open containers or empty ones.
You should consult with an experienced lawyer. Each county is different but most likely a lawyer can handle it without...
Can I travel to Mexico with a DUI?
I had a first time DUI conviction Sept. 2016 in NC with the lowest (Level 5) punishment. Would I have any problems travelling to Cancun, Mexico in a few months? I am under unsupervised probation with a driving restriction but I'll be with family.
You shouldn't have any problems. Best of luck!
How can a lawyer help with my first dui?
I'm still going to get the blow box, and restricted license for a year, so how is the lawyer helping me? He wants $1500 so I'd like to know. Also can anyone estimate the the court costs and fines?
Gee, your lawyer is HELPING b/c they are investigating all facts and circumstances surrounding your traffic stop,...
Can you receive a dui for paxil
I was already out of my car when a trailor hit me. The police let the guy go and btout me to have bloodwork done , they couldd not get me for my precribed narcotic but gave me a dui for the paxil i have been taken forva numbr:of yesrsc. 10 mg
I'm moving your question over the Criminal Defense category; someone there will be better able to assist you.
Will i be facing jail time for a dui wreck?
Ive been charged with a misdemenor child abuse,Driving while impared,Reckless driving to endanger. Had a car wreck in process.Will i be facing jail time? Ive already spent a week in jail.
Based on these facts, you might be in some serious trouble. I would advise reaching out to a criminal defense attorney...
Will north Carolina extradite for a dwi?
went to court for first appearance in concord, n.c. and the judge said that the max penalty was 3 years. was arrested at Wal-Mart parking lot sitting not driving but truck was running.
Perhaps no way to know without asking the prosecting Attorney who has the authority. best to hire a Criminal Defense...
Can I receive payment from drunk drivers insurance?
My car was parked outside my apartment while I slept. A drunk driver totaled my car by going off road and into the parking lot. His insurance paid the total amount of my car off, however, I did not receive money to put down a new vehicle. I'm in a tight spot financially so this has caused stress and emotional turmoil for me as I have a 2-year-old and one on the way. I'm not in a spot to purchase a new car. Is there any legal action I can pursue against the driver or his insurance company?
Depending on the documents you signed, you may have a punitive damage claim component to your property damage claim....