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I want to apply for my citizenship. Will dui first offense will I be affected
I was arrested for dui in Pennsylvania which I have been enrolled for ARD programme
To apply for Naturalization, you need to establish that you are of "Good Moral Character." Clearly, if this is a first...
Can you change the court date for a DUI in PA because you don't have the amount of money you'll be fine for?
I got a DUI (first time offender) and my court date is next Wednesday. I was told that I could have up a fine of up to $1000 due the day of my court appearance. I don't have that amount of money and would like to change the court date. Unless there are other options, such as a payment plan available. I'm trying to avoid being sent to prison for not having the money.
You should consult with an attorney.
When should I try and find a lawyer to help me with a 2nd offence DUI?
I received a DUI in 2007 as a second offence from a DUI in 2001. I recently was pulled over for suspicion of DUI and gave a blood test around 12:30 am. I was released on my own at 3:00 am because I had a breathalyzer result of .06. I hope my BAC is not above a .099 but I will also will have marijuana in my test results. I work 1 hour from home and am afraid I will loose my job and go to jail for not being able to pay child support. I could also loose my apartment. I was processed 4 days ago. I understand it takes several weeks or more to receive the results of my blood work but I wanted to find out when I should try and hire a lawyer so I can hopefully avoid future problems due to this one. Thank you for your time.
You should contact a lawyer immediately. Use the Avvo Find a lawyer tab to locate an experienced attorney in your area....
I got pull over taking to jail for dui false name an i tap the cop car with mines
Hi my name is Omar .. 3 days ago I got pull over by a state cop I was drunk and I have no DL and I also gave him my Brother name and I kinda hit there car like a tap nothing to big so they ran a breathalyzer test and a sobriety test I guess i fell both cuz I had to spend 12 hours in jail so can anyone help me what is gonna happend would i do jail time
You will most likely be charged with DUI 3802 and DUS 1543b, at minimum. Yes, you are in jeopardy of going to jail...
Is there a way to correct a DUI BAC level on a DMV record?
I had a DUI in 2012 that was .08. I completed ARD and my license was never suspended. My DMV record now shows my DUI was .16 or Above which is hurting my attempts at starting a career in law enforcement as I've been staring it was minimum limit. Is there a way to correct the DMV record without my ARD paperwork?
The search for an answer to your problem begins with your former attorney. He or she is most familiar with your case....
If I have a felony warrent in ca can I get a license in pa. My ca driving record is clear and my dl is valid
I know this matter needs to be addressed but I am in need of a pa licence and am saving for a lawyer. Can anyone please help me with this question.
Unless the violation in California has something to do with licensing, or in someway suspends your California driving...
How to reinstate va driving privalages
State of va is stopping me from obtaining pa license.they have me listed as a habitual offender.I only have two first offense DUI received in 1989 and 1996.
Unfortunately you will need to speak to a Virginia attorney to see what needs to be done in order to reinstate your...