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Is there anyway to get a work only license in pa now. I'm suspended in NJ for 10 years for my 3rd dwi witch i did 4 years
I moved from NJ to pa and im trying to get a work only license. I got my 3rd dwi in NJ 4 years ago. I have 6 more years left on my suspension. Total of 10 years lost witch i served 4 of the 10 already . Now that i just moved to pa i looked up pa dwi laws and they only give 18 months loss of license for 3rd dwi. I don't understand why then i cant get a work only license in pa.
PennDOT will tell you if you are eligible. Submit an Occupational Limited License application .
I just moved to pa i received my 3rd dwi 3 years ago in serving 10 lost of my drivers license. I see pa has 18 months for a 3rd
I just moved to pa i received my 3rd dwi 3 years ago in serving 10 lost of my drivers license. I see pa has 18 months for a 3rd dwi . I served almost 4 years of my 10 is there any way I can get a pa drivers license now
I am not sure if there is a question. However, a 3rd DUI is a very serious matter. Aside of the license suspension it...
Can I beat a DUI?
The cops were following me on the highway and then got in the lane next to my and looked in the car. Then they got back behind me I got off on the next exit and drive for 3 blocks and made a right at my destination and pulled up at the house. I got out and walked up in the porch and the state police rolled down the rode made a uturn came back up to where I was and called me over to his truck. He asked me if I was drinking I didn't answer and he made me take a breathalizer test. I was then taken to jail.
The question in this case, as it in every DUI, is did he have reasonable suspicion to stop you, and probable cause to...
I received a DUI in New Jersey and now have a restricted PA license and an interlock as required in NJ. I can't operate it.
Can a lawyer help me switch to a PA interlock device which is easier to operate? Or if my husband gets a voluntary PA interlock in his vehicle can I operate it?
I'm only licensed in Washington so you may want to get advise from a local attorney in your area. However, most courts...
Can you fight for driving privileges?
I never had a dui or dwi. I lost my job 6 months ago. And it was hard paying all the tickets with still putting food on the table for me and my daughter. I lost my driving privileges for 2 years. I have a new job but I can't keep depending on people. I just need to get to work and back. I need help.
It would be extremely difficult to tell you whether or not your license can be restored a lot of things have to be done...
What type of sentencing will someone receive if other charges are placed on them while on probation for 2nd DUI?
Mother of my children is currently on probation and served jail time for a 2nd DUI. She just received more charges listed below (this is in the state of PA) (currently in jail) 4 Counts of Simple Assault domestic ( 1 count was on father of children, 1 count was on moms 12 year old son, 2 counts where on other adults) 4 counts of Harrassment Subject other to physical contact 1 count of criminal mischief -property damage 1 count of disorderly conduct obsence gesture/language 1 count of def trespass actual communication Mother can not have contact with father or two children (12-4) What type of sentencing could she receive?
Your best course of action contact a local attorney, either by email or phone, who will protect you and your rights....
Am I able to get my DUIs removed from my record?
Over 2 years ago I had a very bad month and unfortunately got 2 DUIs in one county and a dui for marijuana in a different county. After all the courts, they were all ran concurrently in the separate counties of course. of but penndot did not and they revoked my license for an additional 5 years, 7 year suspension total. I was told from them if I was to get 2 removed I would be eligible to get my license back. SO my ending question is, is it possible to get those first 2 DUIs(that were concurrent) removed from my record?
Yours is an excellent question. Pose your question to your attorney. He or she is in the best position to answer this...