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Does NJ DWIs carry into PA?
Someone I know has gotten 2 DUIs in the past in the state of PA and just recently made a stupid decision and got pulled over in NJ for a DWI, my question is would this count as a 3rd offense in PA? Or just the 1 offense in NJ. Thank you so much in advance!!
While I am not experienced in NJ DUI defense I would say it should count as a third offense in NJ. The two prior PA...
Do I need a new DUI attorney in new York or a lawyer to challenge the DMV in pa
I live in Pennsylvania and 7 years ago I received a DUI. I successfully completed the ARD program. Recently, I received a DWI in New York with a .08 bac. My attorney advised me that he worked out a plea bargain so I should plead guilty. All I would have to do is pay a couple of fines which I did. About a month later I received a letter from Penndot stating my license would be suspended for a year. My question is there a way recanting my plea in New York or is there anyway I could win an appeal with Penndot. My goal is to keep my PA license. I am in outside sales and if I lose my license I lose my job.
I would call a PA traffic attorney. There are ways of helping keep your license. I cant speak to your plea. In most...
Am I able to get my DUIs removed from my record?
Over 2 years ago I had a very bad month and unfortunately got 2 DUIs in one county and a dui for marijuana in a different county. After all the courts, they were all ran concurrently in the separate counties of course. of but penndot did not and they revoked my license for an additional 5 years, 7 year suspension total. I was told from them if I was to get 2 removed I would be eligible to get my license back. SO my ending question is, is it possible to get those first 2 DUIs(that were concurrent) removed from my record?
Yours is an excellent question. Pose your question to your attorney. He or she is in the best position to answer this...
Should I have my blood drawn a 2nd time without a court order?
I was arrested for dui. When I was at the station having my blood drawn, the woman taking my blood got some blood on her hand. Now the office she works for wants me to come in to get tested for hiv, hep., etc. Should I abide or wait for a court order?
When you were arrested for DUI, did you seek professional advice from an experienced criminal defense attorney? If not,...
Do I need a lawyer for my first offense dui
I was driving while under the influence and I hit three parked cars after losing control of my car
Contact a local qualified criminal defense attorney to review your case, your options and possible defenses. Many of us...
Can someone on house arrest for a DUI have a gun in the home.
Can someone on house arrest for a DUI have a gun in the home.
It depends on what the terms of the probation set out by the Adult Probation Department. You should have been provided...
Can someone on house arrest for a DUI have a gun in the home with children present.
Its actually my ex wife. She is on house arrest at her mothers home. 2nd DUI in ten years 3rd overall. We have children, the youngest goes there. She currently has an AR-15 assault rifle in that residence, Since her house arrest start she has posted pictures with it in the home. Im concerned. Am I legally allowed to contact her probation officer to make them aware. Should I provide pictures?
If you are concerned about the welfare of your children, you can be all means contact her probation officer. Just be...