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I got a dui charge requested a jury trial and the case was dismissed can I sue for damages
found not guilty at my dui administrative hearing, state trooper fail to show, dui jury trial dismissed
It is very difficult to obtain damages against a law enforcement officer. A case being dismissed is not a sufficient...
I gave a breath sample is the officer to ask for a blood sample also
my breath test came out to be 0.03
If no one was hurt or killed as a result of your driving, then No. After you give a breath sample, then the officer...
Can I reopen a dui case?
I was pulled over after hitting a median. I did not blow but did not perform well on the field test, and did have an attitude with the officer. My attorney insisted on pleaing down to a DUAC even though it was my first offense with no previous tickets. I felt that I was poorly represented. My attorneys son had died and he had to send his wife to a rehab out of the country for months and I just feel that he was not thinking clearly. I have consulted with many other dui attorneys after the conviction trying to understand why we went this route. A duac is the same as a dui so why would he do that? Is it possible to reopen this case? It was closed in October.
Unlikely. You are outside the appeal time or any other action to attack the verdict here, to which you agreed anyway....
Will my drunk in public charge be dismissed?
I had a sudden and horrible reaction to medication while walking my kids down the street in a stroller. I fell many times and my speech became slurred. I wouldn't let the neighbors help me due to the onset of confusion so the police were called. I admitted that I had had 1-2 beers and I certainly looked the part but no breathalyzer or blood test was given. I spent the night in jail and was charged with public drunkenness. Do I have a fighting chance if I show the court my prescription and have my parents to attest to my 2 beers tops story? I have never been in any trouble, am prior service, 100 % disabled through VA and the medicine was prescribed for my kidney infection.
Hope so, best to ask your lawyer none of us have your case.
Do I need an attorney if a drunk driver hit me fled the scene after.
I was hit by a drunk driver and he fled the scene. My insurance company found him with the tag number we got and he is telling my insurance company no accident occurred and he is not even talking to his insurance company. I have found the vehicle and even have pictures of the the damage to his vehicle.
Maybe. Depends upon whether you are considering making a claim for personal injuries, expenses, lost wages, property...
How can I avoid jail time I was charged with dus 3rd in Columbia sc?
I was charged with dus 3rd on my way to work with my son. Officer passed me while I was on the side of road with my hazards on. Then once I pulled out he stopped me for no license plate * I forgot to put my dealer tag on*
This will depend on the Judge's discretion as it could be $1000 and/or 90 days in jail especially if DUI resulted in...
When victim is dead because she be overdoses ,can persecution go trail ,can he win the case, or be dismiss ?
Victim is ready dead for overdoses drugs ,than have videos evidence when was slot and drug's issues and I am accused from this victim csc 3 degree ?
Unless there is evidence from other sources this case may be dismissed but best to discuss same with criminal defense...