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I had a DWAI conviction in ny state this past January 2013. I am from NJ and had a prior DWI in nj in 2008. Will NJ find out?
MY DWAI CONVICTION was this past January 2013 in NY state. The incident had occured on May 30th, 2012 in midtown NYC so I had my driving privilege revoked from ny state since May 30th, 2012. The Manhattan criminal court suspended my NY privileges for 3 months and I had to pay $1250 worth of fines and take a DDP (Drinking Diver Program). Its currently May and I paid all my fines and got my driving privileges in NY state back on April 25th 2013 after paying a restoration fee. The day I paid my restoration fee at the NY state DMV they said all I had to do was pay the $50 and I can drive anywhere and Its not required for me to take the DDP. Regardless I signed up for the DDP because of the court order and am taking the class in a NY State school so NJ has no knowledge. Will NJ find out?
Nj is supposed to find out. Sometimes they do. Sometimes they don't. There's really no way to know in advance if it...
DWI Invalid stop due to invalid call
A caller says 2 people fighting in restroom but admits he didn't see anyone fighting just heard arguments from outside the restroom and called. He said they left in that vehicle. I was later stopped due to this and charged with DWI. Is this a valid stop for DWI, as there was no probable cause for a stop.
More information is needed to answer your question, and I would suggest you hire a lawyer to review the discovery....
Charged with DWI. Didnt receive any discovery after requesting for a week. Is this ground for dismissal ?
I am charged with DWI. I have requested for discovery but didnt receive it after a week. The court date is coming up. Is this a ground for dismissal. Can I file a motion to dismiss ?
Not on your life. Try coming every month for six months and then maybe, but don't count on it then. DWI without a...
Charged with DWI. Original court date - April 4th. Received court notice - court date changed to April 4th - same as original dt
I am charged with DWI. My original court date is April 4th on the ticket. I received a notice from court that the court date is changed to April 4th. But I dont understand what has changed as its the same court date and time. Is this an error ? Do I notify the court the court date is the same and nothing changed. I am requesting to push back the court date by 30 days to receive discovery and review the discovery and discuss it with expert
The judge wants you there for a first appearance and to be arraigned (charged with the offense and told of the...
1st DUI dismissed. 3 years ago, but just got another DUI 2 weeks ago
If the 1st DUI was dismissed and I wasn't charged. Then this new DUI should count as my 1st one in court correct? If I am convicted ?
The only thing that counts our convictions. Thus, if you have no other DWI convictions, this would be your first. I...
How do I proceed?
Hey. I'm in the conditional discharge program in Bergen County NJ. I went for my drug test two Wednesdays ago. I received a call from my PO that I passed for marijuana, (my charge), but not for benzos. I have NEVER taken any benzos, including Xanax and that crap. My PO said to come in this upcoming Wednesday, but I received a letter in the mail asking me to appear in court April 11th. Are the courts automatically notified of a failed drug test? What can I do? I'm going to see my PO like she asked on Wednesday, (though she won't return my phone calls) and am willing to take the most comprehensive drug test they have, because I have not smoked nor done any benzos. Are false positives common? Should I be getting an outside test to prove my innocence? I'm truly at a loss for what to do, because I swear on my life and my whole families lives, I do not take any benzos.
1) Get yourself a lawyer or hire the lawyer you had in the past if you were happy with him/her 2) Get yourself tested...
Can i get a new york dwai off my new jersey driving record as a dui
i was charged in new york state with a dwai blowing below a .08 and came off my record in new york and it now shows up on my new jersey drivers license as a dui
You can't get it off. A DWAI is considered in NJ a DWI and it will stay on your driving record for life. Thus the...