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Possible to reverse admitting to a DUI?
I was pulled over last night because I turned left on a red from a two-way street to a one-way street. I came to complete stop, saw there was no traffic, and the proceeded to turn. I was followed and then pulled over. I had a couple drinks, was taken downtown, and blew a .110. The police officer told me i was pulled over for turning left on a red to go onto a one-way street. I asked my family friend who is cheif of police in a small town within my county and he said that is not a legal reason to pull me over. Can I contest this in court and get my DUI reversed?
You can contest the stop. Will all the charges be dismissed? That is something a judge will have to decide. I would...
I have a 1st DUI offense in Nebraska but Iowa drivers license . Should I do probation or jail for my sentence.
Was in Nebraska having a few drinks with some friends. Called my friend cause I wasn't feeling good. So he came to check on me and told me called ambulance. I went to the hospital didn't go in cause I took off. I went to my friends place of employment and drank pop. She gave me a ride back to Nebraska from Iowa to get my keys from my friend and he said not to he driving. I said I was fine. He watched me leave I guess out of parking lot and I didn't signal. He gave me a test too see if I was under influence in which I blew a .091. Can I get my probation transferred to Iowa from Nebraska if I wanted too or could I just sit it out in jail also in Iowa
Get a lawyer and try for a wet reckless. Won't be able to drive because you cannot get an ignition interlock.
The arresting officer in my case was injured on a case after my arrest, when can I expect their status?
I was arrested for a standard DUI. My arresting officer was shot and injured on a case two weeks afterwards. When can I expect an update on injuries or if they will come back?
Not really something they will tell you. Best to have your lawyer file motion to suppress and litigate the case.
Will i get my ticket thrown out?
My vehicle with my interlock had a dead battery so i took a diff vehicle with out an interlock. I was called into my probation office and they have video of me driving said vehicle at 8 20 in the morning. So at noon i got a ticket made out for 8 20 am. The officer didnt fill in any vehicle information or plate number or driver license number. The officer called me and left me a voicemail asking me to call him. Should i call him back? Is this something that might get thrown out?
You need to call the cop back and also report it to the probation officer. While you may have a valid defense, trying...
If you are parked on your apartment complex and getting ready to get out of your car can you be pulled over By a cop and charge
I was pulled over on my complex after being parked and charged with dui
You wrote that you got pulled over in your complex. That makes me think that you were probably driving home from...
How will a new charge affect someone while they are on probation?
Pulled over, got arrested for paraphernalia and oil, already on probation for a DUI
I will likely cause a petition to revoke the probation. You need to stop using and get a lawyer. The drugs will...
If I have had a active warrant out for a few months in Douglas county due to a violation of probation cause if a dui I got?
I have had a warrant out for a few months due to violation of probation for a DUI cause as I have been jobless I haven't had the 300 bucks to go take the class probation required of me to take for the charge so the set a warrant out for my arrest due to the violation what is my best options to take? How long would I sit in jail if I turn myself in?
Turn yourself in on a Tuesday morning and you likely will see a judge on Wednesday morning. Get an attorney and they...