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Will I lose my license in Michigan. Failed interlock test over a year ago but no violation.
So I have had an interlock for over a year and a half now. Two months after having it, I had went for cigarettes. The store is literally half a mile away. Started truck with interlock just fine. Drive to the store went in and handled my business. When i came out I blew into device as usual and it failed. Waited the timer out roughly a minute if I remember correct. And it started fine. Thinking it was a glitch I drove home and that was the end of it. I got a anual report today saying that when that happened I blew a .04. But the test literally five minutes before was fine and test a minute after was fine. The time I have had this unit I havnt had any other positive tests, zero tickets/or accidents. I have been violated twice for a dead battery and broken ground wire. Both of witch I wrote sec of state and never herd another thing about it. I'm her concerned about this as my job depends on me being able to drive to job sites,sometimes over a hundred miles away. Is their anything I can do at this point. I keep hearing that I should be fine being it was over a year ago without any other failed tests, but I have had the book thrown at me many times with this situation.
Your failed test in this instance you describe was, in fact a glitch. The fact that you tested negative both before,...
If the DOB is wrong on the initial breathalyzer, is that a valid document? can charge be dropped?
was not actually seen behind the wheel. and dob is wrong
I don't believe that one typo, in and of itself, would likely warrant an outright dismissal of the charges, but I would...
What is protocol for a second offense DUI 2.7
A friend of mine got a second offense drinking and driving last night and blew a 2.7 last drinking and driving was a year-and-a-half ago what may happen not asking for the exact answer just an idea
An OWI (2nd offense within 7 years) carries the following potential penalties: - Fines of $200-1,000 - At least 5...
Will Erie Pennsylvania extradite me from Michigan for a DUI
Will Erie Pennsylvania extradite me from Michigan for a DUI
Probably not, they will find you guilty if you fail to appear, forfeit your bond, fine and sentence your, place a...
First owi (operating while intoxicated) freaking out!!! Need some answers
At the beginning of this month i was pulled over and arrested for a owi with a bac of. 12. They destroyed my license. I am currently a cna who drives my own vehicle to different facilities. This happened in Michigan. I have a few questions Will my job be notified by the court or anyone of my arrest? Since they destroyed my license am I still allowed to go and get a identification card from the secretary of state? I have to use a public defender.. While private attorneys said they might be able to help plea me out of My charges to at least get a restricted licenses verses a suspended.... Can a public defender do that?
An OWVI reduction (which is often the lowest a prosecutor will go) can get you a 3 month restricted license. That...
What are legal options with faced with DUI fees and on the verge of being homeless.
I have a friend that was charged with a DUI. He has about 1,300$ in court fees, 20 hours of community service, and an alcohol awareness class he needs to take. He is on the verge of being homless. I'm just wondering is there anything he can do when he goes to see the judge next week.
Well, at a minimum he should be prepared to discuss his hardship. Your post does not explain why he going in front of...
Need a lawyer that will defend me in a court of law about satellite surveillance
I have became a target for satellite surveillance, they are using mind Controll, and they have placed neuro transmitters, and receptors in my brain. I also have several stimulators implanted in my back that they can move around. I am NOT INSANE. Please look it up, I am not alone there are several human test subject's, and they have tortured me, and killed two baby kittens. I will looking to sue the N.S.A.
You need to hire Chuck Kronzek out of Lansing. He is tough, tenacious and the unique issues you are facing.